What Are the Best Area Rugs for Winter?

What Are the Best Area Rugs for Winter?

If you read that title above, and perhaps re-read it, wondering “is there really a difference between summer and winter area rugs?”, allow us to provide some clarification. Technically, there really is no such thing as an area rug designed specifically for winter. Yet, aesthetically and materially, there are many differences in area rug choices for those who experience seasonal changes in weather conditions.

Choosing area rugs for seasons is a wonderfully strategic way to warm up a home in cooler weather, brighten it during less colorful periods, and even change the whole tone of the room from season to season. Also, the choice of materials can say and do a lot from season to season. If you disagree, imagine a thicker, woolen rug on wood floors versus a bright and cheerful cotton rug. These are two entirely different “statements” that would feel different based on many unique factors.

In the past, we have offered advice about selecting and using area rugs, explaining how you should give thought to their placement, their size, the amount of traffic they receive and patterns and colors. While we noted that it is entirely acceptable to use area rugs on top of carpeting as well as hard floors, we did not touch on the idea of rugs more suited to winter seasons.

What Winter Demands

When you live in an area in which winter means leafless trees, a palette of mostly grey, white, browns and a few sparse shades of green, it is a good idea to bring color into the home whenever possible. Winter area rugs can be a great way to do just that, and before you worry that you need to change your interior palette – don’t! If your home uses a palette that is cooler or neutral, such as a creamy or even a grey tonal value, you can just choose deeper, richer jewel tones in a seasonal rug.

As an example, your living room might have cream colored walls, paler wood floors and furniture in similar cream and wheat tones as the walls and floors. Your summer area rugs might be natural seagrass or pale cotton woven rugs. While this could be fine all winter, why not consider denser, woolen rugs with a few hints of olive or a rich pattern, or even one with colorful blooms in a low-key pattern? The point is to bring a touch of warmth and a few colors to alleviate the winter blahs.

As one interior design writer said, “I view area rugs like I view my closet. When fall has arrived, it’s time to switch out the lighter weight clothing and rugs and bring out the warmer, plusher clothing and rugs in preparation for colder days…[I] bring out the thicker, warmer tone rugs…. [with]more pile…and much plusher to provide more warmth during the colder months.”

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