Tips for Using Area Rugs

If you ask experts in interior design, they’ll usually say that area rugs are an ideal alternative to more traditional flooring options, particularly wall-to-wall carpeting. There are a few reasons they’ll suggest area rugs rather than classic carpeting, including that it is easier to change the look of a room if you dislike the effect of the area rug. However, they are also recommended because they are so easy to clean, maintain and move. They also allow the floor beneath to show through, and this can let you get more life out of wood or vinyl flooring that may need an update or replacement.

Though they are highly recommended, there are some very effective tips for using them, and we provide a list of the most helpful below.

Consider the Placement

One of the most common blunders made by those using area rugs is to place a rug beneath a single item of furniture, most often a table. This is not the ideal way to use that sort of flooring. Instead, you should have all of the furniture sitting on top of the rug, with the rug extending beneath all of the items. It does not have to extend beyond them, but should create a good spot for walking and placing the feet when seated.

If you are using an area rug in a space like an eat-in kitchen or a dining room, you also want it to be large enough that all of the chairs fit on the rug – even when pulled out.

Consider Proportions and Balance

You should always leave an equal amount of floor space around all edges of your area rugs. As an example, if the rug is 18″ from the wall on one side, but 20″ on another, you must adjust the rug and furnishings to evenly redistribute the space (i.e. having 19″ of space around all edges). The standard distance from a wall is usually 18″, but you can have as little as 8″ showing, as long as the space is even.

Consider Traffic Patterns

One rule of thumb with area rugs is to use them in the heaviest traffic areas of the home. Not only does this help to prevent too much wear and tear on the base below, but it helps those walking through the space to keep their footing. Be sure that you choose a runner wide enough for the space or a rug long enough for the area for the best results.

Consider Patterns and Colors

Many people buy low key and even plain area rugs. However, you need to think of them as a decorating accent. If the room is done in a low key palette and without a lot of contrast or color, use the area rug to inject that much needed drama and energy.

Lastly, you’ll want always to use area rugs that are easy to clean and maintain. Rug experts can help you select the right materials for the space, and at Ottawa Diamond Flooring, you can get help choosing just the right area rugs for your home or office.