Autumn is the Best Season for Rug Cleaning or Replacement

Autumn is the Best Season for Rug Cleaning or Replacement

Ask experts in upholstery and carpet cleaning to give an honest opinion about the best season for their services, and most would agree that it is a hotly debated issue. Generally, they point to spring and autumn as being equally busy periods. This is for a few similar reasons. Both are seasons in which many wish to “prepare” for the upcoming seasonal activities. Spring carpet cleaning can be part of overall spring cleaning and in preparation for the summer. Autumn carpet cleaning is the same, tidying up after a busy summer and preparing for winter and the annual holidays.

Yet, there are experts who argue that each season is an ideal time to have cleanings, arguing that no matter what, every season has its own list of activities and events that can cause wear, tear and soiling of carpets and upholstery. They also explain that even when the issues are invisible to the naked eye, they can still harm a carpet or upholstered furniture. So, on the point of cleaning – it would seem that any time of the year is a good time to call in experts for a deep cleaning to remove pollutants, stains, soiling and the rest.

Yet, what should be done if a carpet is past professional cleaning? For instance, if too much wear and tear, time and soiling has caused it to be irredeemably stained or worn? That is the moment to book a replacement. Yet, there is the question of just when is the ideal season. Here, the experts have some better answers than “any time of year”. Most say that it is autumn, and this too is for a few reasons.

Why Autumn Is the Time for Carpet Replacement

For one thing, most people live in areas where winter months mean more time indoors. This means that you want your home looking its best as the colder weather begins to set in, and autumn then becomes the perfect time to have new carpet put in place.

Additionally, when new carpeting is put in place, it is best if all the furnishings can be removed. The spring season can be wet and muddy, summer can be hot and challenging, but the autumn season is usually the fairest weather for those who might have to have furniture relocated outdoors for the hours that the new carpet is placed. It is also a moderate season, meaning that windows and doors can be left open while the space airs out after installation.

The autumn is also a time when the best manufacturers and installers encourage such improvements, offering new designs, interesting promotional offers and much more. So, if you have found that a good cleaning just cannot restore the carpet to a good-looking condition for the coming winter, the autumn months are an ideal time to book your new installation.

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