Autumn Is the Ideal Time for Ottawa Flooring Improvements

While it is still summer and we have many more weeks of warm weather, long days and time for leisure, autumn is right around the proverbial corner. This means it is a great time to beginning planning your Ottawa flooring improvements. After all, the end of the summer brings with it some changes that make it the perfect moment to improve or even replace the flooring in your home. Let’s consider some reasons you will want to explore flooring ideas before the summer ends:

The air quality is better – If you have been thinking about Ottawa flooring improvements to your home, it is likely that you also thought about the mechanics of that project. The doors in the home would open and close countless times, and may even be propped open for hours on end to allow the flooring experts to do their job effectively and quickly. You cannot leave the doors of your home like this during the winter months as it would quickly lead to all kinds of problems. However, the summer months are not that much better because of hot temperatures, high humidity and insect pests. The autumn, though, allows you to leave the doors wide open without any problems with heating or cooling, mud or snow, or lots of debris.

The moderate conditions are good for the new floors – In addition to the outdoor conditions making it easier for the team to install the floors and handle the materials, the conditions are also great for the new floors. Whatever flooring ideas you have for your new Ottawa flooring, the material is going to need to acclimate to the space. Particularly if you are using wood flooring, and the relatively mild humidity levels, better temperatures and overall even conditions between indoors and outdoors make autumn a wonderful time to install new flooring. As one expert said, autumn can ” allow the fastest, most complete acclimation with the least risk of problems because homes are not likely to have either very high or very low humidity. So, if you want new flooring installed before the holidays…plan ahead to ensure the best results.”

The weather is good for ventilation – If your flooring ideas include new carpeting for your Ottawa flooring goals, keep in mind that carpets can let off a lot of different odors and the ability to open windows all day can make a huge difference on how you feel about the project. The same goes for any stains or sealers used on wood. So, if your flooring ideas run towards wood, you will still want to be able to keep doors and windows open for hours after the installation is complete. Autumn is perfect for this.

Whether your ideal Ottawa flooring involves all new wood flooring or gorgeous wall to wall carpet, you will want to bring those flooring ideas to life in the autumn months. Get in touch with Ottawa Diamond Flooring today to begin planning your updates at the ideal time of year.