Winter Care for Your Hardwood Floors

Winter Care for Your Hardwood Floors - Ottawa Diamond Flooring

Hardwood flooring can create a feeling of warmth in any room. And, if well maintained, it is something that can last a long time. Caring for your hardwood floor in the winter requires a little extra time and effort. Here are some tips for ensuring your hardwood looks its best all winter long. 

Know What to Expect

If this is your first winter with your hardwood floor, you must understand what changes are normal and what are not. Hardwood expands and contracts as the humidity in the air changes. That means, in the summer, when it is more humid, your floorboards will expand. And, in the winter, when it is drier, they will contract. If you notice some gaps in your hardwood flooring, don’t panic. It is a normal reaction of the wood to the dry air in your home. 

Adjust for Humidity

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the humidity may increase or decrease. This change can impact your hardwood flooring by causing it to contract and expand. Unfortunately, this can lead to gaps, cracks, or other damage to your floor. To prevent this from happening, consider using a humidifier or a dehumidifier to adjust the atmosphere inside your home. 

Regulate the Temperature

As the weather gets colder, many Canadians turn up the heat inside, but this can cause your hardwood to dry out quickly. It can cause shrinking or cracking in your floors. However, if you use a heater with a humidifier, it should alleviate the problem. 

Shoe-free Policy

Keep your hardwood floors looking their best by ensuring friends, family, and guests clean their shoes well or leave them at the door and go shoe-free through the house. It will keep unwanted snow, ice, and other contaminants from getting on your wood floor. Sand, salt, and water are detrimental to your hardwood, and you need to do everything you can to keep it out of your house and off your floor. This will help maintain your flooring for longer. 

Get a Rug

It may seem counter-intuitive to throw a rug on top of your beautiful hardwood. But, adding a rug can help preserve the condition of your floor. If you put a rug down near entryways, doors, or hallways, it won’t take away from the style of your hardwood. Moreover, you’ll be reducing the wear that your floor sees in high traffic areas, which can keep it looking as if it was new. During the winter months, you’ll need to clean these rugs if they are near the entryways to your home as they’ll accumulate a lot of snow and ice, which will become water. And wet rugs can also damage your floor. 

Be Pet Prepared

If you have pets that like to go outside, even during the winter, you’ll need to be prepared. Keep a dry towel to wipe off your pet’s paws when they come back inside. It will prevent them from tracking snow and ice over your floor. 

Regular Cleaning

While cleaning your hardwood floor is not complicated, it’s essential to do it regularly. Sweeping, vacuuming, and washing your floor will keep it looking its best for a long time. 

Guard Against Spills

Just like in other seasons, clean up spills and messes from your hardwood floor as soon as possible. If left to sit for too long, these spills can cause damage to your hardwood. 

Seasonal Inspection

It is a good practice to inspect your floors before the snow arrives. Look for any stains, scratches, or water damage. If you see anything concerning, you can call in the professionals to repair and refinish your hardwood. 

You and Your Hardwood

Whether you’ve just had your hardwood floor installed recently or if you’ve been maintaining it for years, we know that you want to keep it looking its best in every season. You invest a lot of money and time into your hardwood floor, from installation to cleaning to repairs. At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we understand that you want to do everything you can to take care of that investment.  By taking a little extra time and effort and following our tips, you’ll be able to keep your hardwood floor well maintained throughout the winter season. 

If you’re concerned about proper care and maintenance for your hardwood floor this winter, feel free to contact us at Ottawa Diamond Flooring for more tips.