Why Hiring Flooring Experts is Better Than DIY

Why Hiring Flooring Experts is Better Than DIY

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they take a look at their floors and decide it’s time to change them. No matter whether your old flooring is carpet, linoleum, or laminate, it can become dull and lifeless over time. No amount of cleaning can fix all faults. It may even appear to look dirty and stained no matter how hard you scrub it. This is the time when you decide to rip out the old flooring and find brand new flooring.

Reasons for New Floors

Besides having old, worn out floors, you may decide to change them for a variety of reasons. Often many people decide to upgrade due to a life-changing event. They may be getting married and wish to renovate their home for their new spouse. Or, there may be a special family reunion coming up and you want your house to look its best for guests.

Often when a home is being prepared for sale, brand new flooring is done to freshen up the look. New flooring is perhaps one of the single most important reasons why someone may purchase a house or condo. New flooring means that they don’t have to go to the effort of doing it themselves. Next to paint, it can be quite disruptive to one’s life, making you live out out of boxes for for several days until it’s done.

Why Not DIY?

You may have watched those home shows where people do their own flooring. Sure, it looks easy—they get it done in less than a hour—but that’s only TV, not real life. Replacing the flooring in even one room can take you several weeks if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

It may seem like it’s cheaper to just buy the flooring, rather than having to pay for labor. But don’t forget that you need a wide range of tools to install your new floors. Do you already have a large toolkit, complete with electric saw and sander? If not, you could be looking at adding another $500 just to purchase a complete toolkit.

Besides the tools, you’ll also need time, patience, and care to install the flooring. Are you good with math? Because if you measure wrong, you may be tossing a lot of boards into the trash. You’ll have to factor in costs for at least one extra box of flooring boards, just in case.

It can also take a lot of energy installing flooring. Often you’re down on your hands and knees, and using your tapping block, pullbar, and hammer to get the boards into place.

There are also tricky instances when the boards may not fit perfectly. What do you do then? You want a perfect floor that has no gaps, and that isn’t going to shift in a month and need to be fixed.

Ready to Let the Flooring Experts Handle It?

Are you ready to sit back and let Ottawa Diamond Flooring tackle the problems of installing new flooring for your home? Give us a call today. It’s as simple as that.