Why Choose Vinyl for Your Floors

Modern kitchen with white walls and vinyl floor

Deciding on the right kind of flooring for different rooms in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing you can do is to consider how a particular room is used and what kind of traffic it sees on a daily basis.


Vinyl tile can be a great option for many different rooms in your home, including bathrooms, the kitchen, the basement, or laundry area. Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners, and there are plenty of reasons why.


If you’re still on the fence as to whether vinyl tile is the right choice for your floors, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits and why luxury vinyl could be your best option.


It’s Easy to Install

Vinyl tiles are one of the easiest installation options for floors. Far too many people still have a negative opinion of vinyl because of outdated stereotypes. Vinyl used to be only available in heavy, big sheets that were somewhat difficult to install.


But, in recent years, vinyl tile has made it more of a DIY-friendly solution for homeowners. Even if you do choose to get your flooring installed by a professional (which is always recommended), it’s much easier than it used to be, which means your floors will get done faster so you can enjoy them as soon as possible.


Vinyl is Affordable

One of the biggest reasons why so many people choose vinyl is because of its affordability. When compared to options like ceramic tile or hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is a much more economical choice, even when you include professional installation.


Vinyl is also often cheaper to maintain than other types of flooring, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it that it might wear down over time. Vinyl tiles are made in such a way that even if an area experiences heavy traffic, any pattern or design on the tile is consistent all the way through. So, if an area gets worn down, it won’t affect the look of the tile.


There is a Large Variety

You might be surprised at all of the options you’ll have to choose from if you decide to go with vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl tiles come in a variety of different patterns and designs. You can even go with different shapes and textures to give any room in your house a unique and creative look that fits your sense of style and your personality.


The various textures you can choose from with vinyl tiles can offer the look of wood, stone, and even marble. But, because vinyl is so economical, you can achieve this look at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl plank

Vinyl is Highly Durable

Aside from their lower cost, another main reason so many people go with vinyl flooring is because it’s durable. That’s why it’s often such a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, etc. Vinyl can be quite rugged and it can take a beating, making it a great option for families with kids or pets.


But, in order to make your vinyl stand the test of time, it’s very important to take care of it properly. Some tips to keep in mind for your vinyl to look great for years include:


  • Using rugs in high-traffic areas
  • Putting felt tips on furniture legs, especially if it gets moved around
  • Clean the vinyl regularly


Thankfully, vinyl is just as easy to clean as it is to maintain over the years. In fact, the biggest risk you’ll face in cleaning it is doing too much. You never want to use any type of abrasive material on your vinyl flooring. Avoid things like scouring pads or scrubs that could scratch and/or tear the vinyl.


Instead, clean your flooring with a dry mop or vacuum regularly. To deep clean or get rid of surface stains, use a commercial cleaner specifically designed for vinyl floors. Or, create your own using one cup of vinegar combined with a gallon of warm water. Spray the solution onto the vinyl and wipe it up with a clean cloth.


It is Moisture-Resistant

If you get hardwood floors, carpet, or even ceramic tile wet, it could create big problems. Sometimes, it could even ruin the floors completely or leave unsightly stains behind.


Again, vinyl is durable and can withstand many conditions. But, one of its biggest benefits is that it is water-resistant and can handle moisture. That’s what makes it such a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. While we don’t recommend letting it get soaking wet, it can handle a bit of ‘typical’ moisture that occurs in those rooms without getting damaged. If you do end up with too much water on the floor, a simple wiping up will do the trick. You don’t have to worry about the water staining or damaging the basis of the flooring like you do with hardwood, and you don’t have to worry about moisture getting trapped and leaving any foul smells or mold behind.


Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You?

Like any other type of flooring, there are some potential ‘cons’ to vinyl. It can be difficult to remove on your own, but a professional can help. It may also fade over time if there is a pattern and it’s in direct sunlight.


But, when it comes to flooring that is affordable, durable, and easy to maintain, it’s very hard to beat vinyl tiles. It can be the perfect flooring solution for anyone with a busy family, or who wants to upgrade an area of their house without blowing their budget.


If you have old stereotypes in your head about vinyl flooring and what it represents, it’s time to change your ideas. Today’s vinyl flooring is high-quality, easy to install, and looks great in a variety of different rooms.


If you’re interested in learning more about vinyl tiles or how to choose the right style for your home, feel free to contact Ottawa Diamond Flooring for information. We’ll be happy to help you move forward with your vinyl project, and we know you’ll love the look of your new floors!