What is SPC Flooring?

big dining room with hardwood floor

Homeowners searching for that perfect look for their space will need to consider their flooring choices carefully. While traditional hardwood or carpet options remain popular, another type of flooring has also been impressing homeowners and contractors alike.

SPC flooring offers you a multilayer flooring option with a versatile selection of design patterns and colours. If you’re looking to create your dream space, consider what SPC flooring has to offer.

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring is a type of engineered vinyl flooring. It’s also called rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. It is a type of vinyl flooring that is made with an extra-strong core. The material that this core is made of gives it its name: Stone plastic composite/stone polymer composite.

This type of flooring is suitable for any space or room in your home. Manufacturers have designed SPC vinyl flooring to be thin yet strong.

There are four layers to SPC flooring:

  • Backing layer – the foundation of the flooring. It is usually made of either cork or foam. Having a thick backing layer offers more comfort to the flooring material.
  • SPC core – made from a mixture of limestone and stabilizers, the core is what gives this flooring material its strength. This solid centre part of the vinyl flooring is waterproof and won’t damage no matter how much is poured over it.
  • Printed vinyl layer – this is the layer that gives the flooring its look, whether it is stone or wood or another imagery. The more expensive the brand, the better the printed image.
  • Wear layer – protects the lower layers against damage. It is a thick layer that provides heavy-duty protection for your flooring.

Benefits of SPC flooring

When it comes to flooring material, there are several reasons why homeowners prefer SPC flooring, including:


One of the top reasons people choose SPC flooring is that it holds up well against water. This makes it a perfect fit for the kitchen, bathroom, or office. Pet owners also find that SPC flooring stands up to wear and tear better than other materials.


Vinyl is known for its durability. With SPC, the centre layer makes it the most durable type of vinyl flooring. You can rest assured that no matter what happens or how much foot traffic you see in your home, your SPC flooring can handle it.


The look of your floor adds to the character of your home. SPC flooring offers a natural wood or stone appearance without the high cost.


SPC vinyl is an affordable luxury flooring option, especially when compared to hardwood and other pricey materials. It is also fairly easy to install, which means you can save money on having your flooring put in as well.

Easy maintenance

Vinyl is one of the easiest floor types to maintain. With just a sweep and mop, your floor will look as good as new.

Noise reduction

An interesting aspect of SPC flooring is its ability to be very quiet while you walk on it. The density of the materials means you’ll never hear a hollow sound from your flooring. You can also opt to add a noise-reductive underlaying.


SPC flooring is able to withstand temperatures better than other materials. This means the flooring will be stable in spaces that have air conditioning or heating systems.

Uneven flooring

SPC flooring is designed to be installed over any type of subfloor or material. That means you can lay it on top of your current flooring, even if it is uneven.


This material has less harsh chemicals and materials than other floorings, such as glues, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Drawbacks of SPC flooring

While SPC flooring has several benefits, there are some drawbacks to the material as well.

Less comfortable

Because SPC flooring was made to be strong, it is not the most comfortable flooring material.

Not as eco-friendly

For homeowners looking for a green option, SPC vinyl may not be the right fit. Although the manufacturing process has been improved, it does not use many recycled materials.


The core of SPC flooring isn’t designed to hold a lot of heat, so the floor will feel colder when the temperature drops outside.


SPC is still a newer material and may not be as easy to find as other vinyl flooring options. However, if you look around, you should be able to find a company that carries it. At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we stock SPC in various colours and patterns, allowing you to find a look that suits your style.

Where to use SPC flooring

The vinyl material in SPC flooring makes it versatile enough to use in any room, such as:

Bathroom – SPC materials can bring a natural look to your bathroom. You’ll be able to create a realistic-looking wood or stone appearance in the room. However, there are other patterns that manufacturers have also made with SPC materials, such as different colour palettes. It also offers superior water protection when compared to other flooring materials.

Kitchen – Another great area for you to use SPC flooring is in your kitchen. Create a classic look of hardwood flooring or a more modern aesthetic with unique colours and design patterns.

Your SPC flooring options

Selecting the best flooring for your home or renovation project is an essential part of creating the look and character of your space. With SPC vinyl flooring, you can find a luxury option that looks authentic but without the price tag of hardwood. You’ll also benefit from the strength and durability of the material. Keeping your SPC floor looking its best is simple and because it’s waterproof, you can feel comfortable using it in any room in your house.

If you want to find out more about your SPC flooring options, contact us at Ottawa Diamond Flooring.