What Are The Benefits Of Installing Carpet In Your Home

Fruit On Carpet

For years, carpets fell out of fashion and out of favor with homeowners. Everyone wanted laminate flooring or other expensive hard flooring options throughout their homes. As impressive as these flooring types are, people quickly realized carpets were highly beneficial. 

Consequently, they have come back into fashion as of late! When you look at some of the benefits of installing carpet in your home, you soon understand why more and more people are looking to bring this flooring type back. 

Save Energy, Save Money

With the cold seasons fast approaching, people are worried about the mounting energy bills they’ll face in January. It’s no secret that we’re currently dealing with rising energy costs. It’s costing us more and more money to turn the heating on and feel warm in our homes. 

This is where the carpet comes into its own. Unlike other flooring options, carpets retain a lot of heat. Heat gets trapped in the carpet fibers and materials, locking them in place and warming up your home. As a result, you can put less dependence on your heating system. The thermostat can be lowered and put on less often because carpets are exceptional heat insulators. 

From here, you will save energy – which also translates into some serious financial savings. 

Added Comfort And Coziness

Hard flooring in the living room may create a modern-looking interior, but does it deliver on the comfort side? As stylish as laminate floors are, they’re hardly the most comfortable. They can feel cold underfoot and very hard, meaning you’re not exactly going to lie down on them and relax. 

Alternatively, carpets do the exact opposite. They deliver comfort in abundance because they’re very soft and cozy. Some carpets in your living room or bedroom will instantly bring a new level of comfort to your home. You can lie on the floor in front of the TV feeling all snuggly and cozy!

Much Better Soundproofing

Are you sick and tired of hearing people stomp about upstairs? If someone is wearing shoes, you’ll hear them a lot! Hard flooring types are not very good soundproofers. 

By contrast, one of the benefits of installing carpeted flooring is that it provides a new level of soundproofing. Thanks to the soft material, you don’t hear things like footsteps as loudly. Carpets are also thicker, so any sounds from upstairs are more muffled. This is why many homeowners install carpets in upstairs hallways or bedrooms. 

A Safer Option For Children

If you have little kids crawling and running around your house, carpets are very beneficial. Again, thanks to the softness of the material, they offer more safety for kids. 

Any parent will know that children tend to fall over quite a bit. They run around the house like maniacs, constantly seeing what they can climb on at all times. If they slip over and fall on a wooden or laminate floor, there will be a significant impact. The hardness of the flooring is not very forgiving, possibly leading to severe injuries. 

Carpets aren’t like this. Sure, they may suffer from a carpet burn, but it’s better than a broken arm! They’re soft, so there’s more cushioning when a child falls over.

Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

For years, homeowners were led to believe that carpets were awful for allergy sufferers. The theory is that carpets trap allergens in their fibers, meaning more allergens are present in the home. So, people ripped up their carpets and got other flooring placed instead. 

Realistically, carpeted flooring does the opposite. The fact it traps allergens in its fibers is very beneficial. It stops them from floating around in the air or collecting on other services, where they’ll then just be blown around whenever someone moves. As such, it’s easier to remove the allergens by simply vacuuming them from the carpet. All in all, it makes the air quality so much better. 

The bottom line is that carpet installations can be highly beneficial. Carpeted flooring can bring many advantages and help you with everything from your health to your monthly budget. That’s not to say other flooring types aren’t also beneficial in their ways – some are more suitable in different areas of your home than carpets. 

If you’re interested in carpet installation, contact us to learn more!