Unusual Wood Flooring Questions Answered: Can You Use Different Wood Flooring in a Single Space?

Unusual Wood Flooring Questions Answered: Can You Use Different Wood Flooring in a Single Space?

There are lots of unusual questions that pop up when home and property owners think about installing wood floors. In the first of this series on those unusual questions, we intend to answer a significant and unusually common one and offer clarity as the cooler weather sets in.

The winter months are about to arrive, and though many are distracted with plans for the seasonal holidays, many others are thinking about the projects they have planned for the insides of the home during the chilly weather. While some folks like to do a lot of interior redecorating and even some rather involved improvements, including updating a kitchen or bath, there are also lots who think about flooring.

Whether they intend to do the actual installation during the cold weather or they dedicate that time to examining samples and choosing styles that meet their personal preferences and needs, it is not an unusual winter activity.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people come up with a common, but still unusual, question or challenge as they make their plans, and that question is this: Can you use different kinds of wood floors in the same home, apartment or other space?

In a word: Yes

Tips for Blending Wood Floors

As design experts might tell you, the “color and condition of a room’s flooring has a significant effect on the feel of the room,” and though identical kinds of wood flooring can really unify a space and make it feel larger or brighter, there are no rules that say mixing wood floor types is against the general rules.

The key to blending them is to choose one of two paths:

• Really “play up” the differences and contrasts; OR
• Try to use them in more traditional ways to play down the differences

When you follow the latter course, you will find that very few people even notice that wood flooring between one room and another or between different areas is different. Naturally, if you are going to use different colored wood floors from one room to the next, that transition can be tough. Experts say that a border in each room can help to make the transitions visually smoother, and if you are going for that more eclectic look and playing things up, it also helps to make those unique colors or layouts “pop”.

Tips for Going Eclectic

If you are going to really go for it in terms of drawing contrasts between the floors, you can also think about things like furniture to help draw the colors out even more. For example, dark and richly stained wood flooring will be visually more dramatic if you use light-colored furnishings and walls. The key is to create a touch of drama that relies mostly on the flooring for effect.

You can and should use different kinds of wood floor in your home, and even if it means changing the style or color from one room to the next, designers will agree that it is a perfectly acceptable decorating choice. If you want to explore all of the options and possibilities, work with the team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring and see what styles, colors, widths, and woods are available.