Top Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring

empty house with laminate flooring

One of the most important factors to a beautiful home is the flooring. Having an exceptional floor offers comfort under your feet, aesthetic appeal to visitors, simple installation, and durability that you can count on. All of those things are possible when you choose laminate flooring, which may explain why this option is so popular lately.

High Level of Value for Money

If you aren’t interested in spending too much on flooring, laminate is one of the best options out there. It is going to be a more affordable option than going with wall to wall carpeting or hardwood flooring. However, the low cost of the material itself is only half of the equation. This type of flooring also requires no specialized cleaning which can save you money years from now. It’s also a durable product that resists fading, stains, and scratching for long term value you can count on.

A Huge Variety of Colors and Textures

With laminate flooring, there are nearly endless options in terms of texture and color. Whether you want a simple whitewashed look, the appearance of distressed gray wood, replica of exotic hardwoods, or wood tones that are lighter and brighter, there are options for you. The flooring also comes in various widths so you can decide whether durability is most important, price is the most crucial aspect, or you want something that hits the middle of both.

Extremely Durable Flooring

Another thing that sets laminate flooring apart is that it is created using high density fiber board. This is a material that is very durable so you can expect it to handle all sorts of foot traffic while being comfortable and looking great for years to come. Unlike hardwood, if moisture gets into it, this flooring will not expand or contract. If some kind of damage does occur, you can also replace a section of the floor instead of starting over from scratch.

Easy for Anyone to Install

If you are interested in installing your own flooring, laminate is the best choice. While you can choose to have a professional do it, this is an option that you can do on your own even without a loot of experience. The flooring simple snaps together without the need of special tools or even glue. The subfloor material doesn’t matter because installation is so quick and simple. It can be place on concrete, wood, plywood, or vinyl flooring.

Simple to Maintain

Keeping up laminate flooring is super easy. You don’t need to purchase any polishes, waxes, varnishes, or cleaning materials. A microfiber mob can clean up most debris while a vacuum or broom can take care of the rest. There are also products made for laminate floors if you have any stubborn marks you have trouble getting up.

Ready to find out more options with laminate flooring? Ottawa Diamond Flooring has a large selection for you to choose from to make any home look its best. Get in touch with us to learn more or inquire about our installation services.