Top Options for Powder Room Flooring

Top Options for Powder Room Flooring

There are bathrooms, and then there are powder rooms. Sometimes called a half bath due to their lack of, well, bathing facilities, they include a commode and sink. They don’t often take up much space in a home and are usually not much larger than a spacious closet. They can be extremely simple and utilitarian, but if you are adding or updating a powder room, you can have a lot of fun with the décor. Using unique colors, luxury countertops and cabinetry, fun or unique light fixtures, and premium flooring are all options because the spaces are so small.

The average size of a powder room is 20 square feet or less, and you might find you can “shoe horn” one into only 11 square feet. They usually have the commode and sink along the same wall to make plumbing far easier, allowing water and waste lines to be shared. The cabinetry is often limited to a cabinet for the sink or basin, and free-standing sinks are also quite common.

What this points out, though is simple: Water can cover the floors quite easily by someone just messily washing up in the sink. Additionally, cleaning the flooring can be a challenge if the space is small and crowded by the commode and sink/cabinet. This means that choosing the flooring may be a bit more complicated than you initially believed.

As one expert said, “Water is prevalent in [these] bathrooms and it will quickly ruin the wrong flooring.” With so little floor space, it can be easy to choose the wrong sort of flooring for that room, and so we offer a “worst to best” list of the materials to consider:

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile – Waterproof, cost-effective and always attractive, you can choose smooth and plain tiles that are easy to clean and affordable, or you can opt for textured surfaces and different sized tiles for a decorative look. Is there are big difference between porcelain and ceramic? The porcelain types are viewed as the most waterproof options, and if that is a particular worry of yours, then go with the porcelain.

Vinyl – You can find vinyl flooring in tiles, sheets, and even planks. They can have the look of ceramic or porcelain tiles, wood floor and more. You may want to opt for this if your powder room will be used a lot by kids or in a laundry-style room because sheet styles allow installation without any seams. This can prevent any water seepage from ruining subfloors. The plank styles can give a very luxurious finish, with the appearance of a wood floor, and are found in an endless number of looks and styles.

Wood – Engineered wood is the only type for a bathroom because it can withstand high amounts of moisture, and if it is in a little used powder room, it could be a wonderfully upscale finish.

You can also go for laminate, stone and other materials. If you are eager to learn as much as you can about the flooring for bathrooms, or any other room in the house, get in touch with the team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring for a consult and expert help.