Top Flooring Trends for 2020

Top Flooring Trends for 2020

The New Year has only just begun and you may still be sticking to your resolutions. Was one of them to get your home in better condition or even do a top to bottom redecorating project? If so, now is the time to investigate the top trends in interior design, especially flooring, and get your hands on the hottest trends before they are unavailable a bit later in the year.

What are the trends? According to the experts they include:

Wood-look Porcelain Tile – Described as “all the rage,” wood-look porcelain tiles have all of the warmth and visual appeal of classic wood flooring, but the amazing durability, scratch resistance, and long life that comes from tile. If you want a specific style, but you also want that easy to maintain material, it might be for you.

Waterproof Vinyl Planks – Designed to improve upon laminate flooring, which does not stand up well to exposure to water and moisture, it is, as one expert explained like laminate, but as “vinyl can have a wood look and is comparable in price… it’s more durable. And since it’s water-resistant, it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms,” where laminate would never survive. Affordably priced and offering the good looks of wood, it is a good choice for the budget conscious.

Terrazzo – The iconic composite floor (made from fragments of stone, crushed shells, glass and other materials embedded in concrete) is making a big return. It is a hallmark of “mid-century modern” design and décor, but the eco-friendly crowd has also caught on to the sustainability factor of this flooring. It can be used in a variety of spaces and can cover larger areas at a more affordable cost than other materials. If marble flooring is out of the budget, find out if your flooring expert has terrazzo options.

Engineered Wood – Made from multiple types of materials, it is a strong option that is both sustainably made and affordable. It is available in an array of finishes and can be incredibly “on trend” as it is available in most of the hottest and trendiest “woods”.

Natural Wood – Still a popular option, natural wood is at the top of the list of trending flooring for 2020, especially options made from sustainable materials. Many homeowners also want easier to maintain flooring, which can be possible with certain kinds of natural wood that is finished with non-toxic materials and oils.

Black and White Tile – Whether it is tile of the same size or a mosaic-inspired style, black and white is among the hottest trends and works in farmhouse, modern, and other styles of décor and design.

Not sure which of the hottest types of flooring are a good fit for your design goals? It might be best if you take a look at the options in a real-world setting, such as the showroom at Ottawa Diamond Flooring. A brand-new space, it offers you the opportunity to see the many types of flooring suitable to any budget, style or decorating plan.