Top 3 Reasons to Consider Dark Hardwood

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Dark Hardwood

One of the most talked-about trends in hardwood flooring right now is ultra dark hardwood, anything from espresso brown to jet black. In the early oughts, blond wood was making a major comeback, so it’s no surprise that the latest and greatest look right now is leaning in the opposite direction. While we caution anyone to give a trendy look a lot of consideration before jumping in, there are a lot of reasons why dark hardwood is such a popular choice.

Dark Hardwood Lends Itself to Many Styles

Dark floors can be dressed up or down with a huge number of styles. Add traditional furniture, tailored linens, and masculine neutrals, and your dark hardwood floor instantly becomes the foundation for a room with a lot of power. Keep all your other fixtures white or pale sand, with lots of texture and laid-back style, and your floor suddenly gives a beachy room just that extra bit of poise.

Dark Hardwood Can Make Your Space Seem More Unified

Around about 2015 and 2016, when the dark hardwood flooring trend started to take off, many manufacturers started developing new stains to make their darker wood as black as possible. In doing so, they realized that these extremely dark stains remove any appearance of grain and color variation between planks. When you cover a very large space with a wood floor that appears grain-less and variation-less, it gives the space a feeling of being connected.

Dark Hardwood Is More Dramatic

Natural-colored wood is a beautiful addition to a home, but it is true that over time, the floor fades into the background. Wood is a neutral in any natural shade, so our eyes eventually stop “seeing” it. Black or nearly-black floors are so unique and dramatic that they don’t have this invisible quality. For homeowners who want to ramp up their home’s style, this is a fantastic way to do it.

Those are three reasons why dark hardwood floors could be perfect for your flooring project. Now here’s one reason why you should give dark hardwood a second thought…

Learn More About Flooring Options

Hardwood isn’t the only option we offer for your next flooring project. Not convinced that dark hardwood is for you? Think you’ll love dark hardwood in your home? We can answer any questions you have, and help you get started. Contact us today to learn more.