Top 2 Options for Basement Flooring

Finishing a basement to turn it into a livable space is a very common project for homeowners all over the country. Whether you want to turn the basement into a large laundry and storage area, or you are expanding your living space with another family room, bedroom, home gym, home office, and more, the basement does need a little more consideration when choosing materials. Because the basement tends to be more humid than the rest of the house, the type of flooring you choose will need to be something that can handle this kind of environment.

Additionally, if you choose the wrong type of flooring, it could encourage the growth of mold, which could be very bad for your health. Carpeting, for example, is not always the best option for a humid basement where there isn’t fresh air to keep the flooring dried out. Hardwood is another bad option for a basement. The natural material can encourage the growth of organisms if it gets wet – and it can also warp in the humidity. So what options are there for an updated basement? At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we’ve got two excellent options for you to consider.

Ceramic Tile

Our top choice for a basement floor would be ceramic tile. This is a very durable, water-resistant flooring choice that works perfectly in areas that will get wet. Basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are all great places for ceramic tile. Because this product is glazed with a water-resistant covering, you can trust that water will never get under the tile to the base flooring.

We also love ceramic tile for the basement because of the style. Many basements have concrete floors, which can make them feel industrial and un-inviting. But ceramic tiles come in so many colors and patterns that they can easily give the space a homey, comfortable feeling. Instead of looking like a storage shed, your basement will take on the look of a luxury kitchen, for example.

Finally, we recommend this product because ceramic can be installed right on top of concrete. There is less labor, which helps to reduce some of the cost for you. The only downside to ceramic tile is that it is a hard material, and will stay cold to the touch if the basement isn’t warm. If you spend a lot of time in the basement, you may want area rugs to help make the floor more comfortable for your feet.

Floating Laminate

The second option we may recommend is a floating laminate flooring. This means that a moisture barrier will be installed on top of the basement floor, and then the laminate will be placed on top of that. Laminate is naturally water-resistant, thanks to the polyurethane seal, and it is very easy to clean and maintain. This is often a more affordable option as well, though it is more susceptible to being damaged by things like washing machines or furniture.

Whichever option you are interested in trying, Ottawa Diamond Flooring can help you finish your basement. Learn more by calling us at 613-274-3535.