The Luxurious Looks of Vinyl

You might have read that title and giggled over the idea of vinyl being luxurious, but that is precisely where flooring manufacturers have taken this durable and flexible material. In a recent article, one expert said this of luxury vinyl, “don’t think about that peel-and-stick stuff people used to install…luxury vinyl is a new category of flooring that combines the high-end look of hardwood (or stone) with the durability of vinyl.”

Designed to look amazingly realistic, this sort of flooring is able to be installed in even the most challenging spaces. As an example, consider enjoying “wood” flooring in a bathroom. This is often a room in which water and moisture mean wood flooring is just a not go. However, with luxury vinyl, you can now have almost any sort of wood or stone flooring in almost any space, including kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Of course, you may think, “Sure, it looks like wood or stone…but it probably feels terrible when you walk on it.” That’s one of the most impressive things about luxury vinyl flooring – it has a fantastic texture and lots of support beneath the feet.

How You Can Use Luxury Vinyl

Of course, it is helpful to understand the different formats in which you’ll find it, and they include:

• Sheet flooring
• Plank/tile flooring
• Tiles
• Groutable

As you can see, there is an amazing range of options and choices that can work within almost any budget. It can allow someone eager to have the good looks of wood flooring, but without the budget to still get exactly the look they desire. This can be done with the easy to use sheet or rolls of luxury vinyl. We always recommend professional installation of any sort of “wall to wall” flooring because there is so much involved in a good outcome.

However, a skilled team can measure and place a floor of this kind in a single day! There are also the planks and tiles, which can take considerably longer since they are often placed singly or in special groupings that create that ultra-realistic look. If you are hoping to have flooring that gives the look of authentic wood, it is the planks of vinyl you should choose. These are finished with “knots” and grains as well as the variegated colors that emulate natural wood. Although many will say that almost anyone can use the planks and simply listen for the snap or click that means the individual pieces are locked in place, we don’t suggest it as a DIY venture. There is so much involved in placing and trimming each plank, and it is usually best to hire a flooring pro to direct you towards the right style, colors and provide installation.

You can also opt for groutable vinyl that lets you grout as you would other types of tile and get that amazingly realistic look.
When you are eager to determine if luxury vinyl flooring is right for you, pay a visit to Ottawa Diamond Flooring and learn more about options, pricing and styles.