The Case for Carpet

The Case for Carpet

It’s no secret that home buyers love hardwood. Over and over, DIY shows, realtors, home designers, and other industry professionals reiterate the fact that hardwood floors are among the most requested home features. But if you are comfortably settled in your home, and not planning to sell any time soon, there may be more than one great reason to consider carpet. Here at Ottawa Diamond Flooring, carpet can be just as trendy and attractive as hardwood flooring.

Comfort for All-Day Standing

In office spaces, retail locations, educational facilities, or homes where you’re always on your feet chasing the kiddos, carpet provides a very important layer of padding between your joints and the hard floor. Even a basic carpet has been shown to reduce the strain on a person’s feet, knees, and hips.

Sound Proof Your Bedrooms

If you have a multi-level home with bedrooms on the upper floor, you may have noticed that noise from downstairs tends to rise. Carpet on the floor can help reduce the noise and make it easier for you, or your children, to get a great night’s sleep. Carpet is also a good way to sound-proof a converted garage or other spaces where noise reduction is desired, because it absorbs echoes.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Carpet holds warmth much more than wood or other hard flooring. It may not be by much, but a slight reduction in your energy bill could be seen when you have this natural insulator filling your space. Not to mention you may not have to worry so much about having an emergency fund, because carpet helps reduce falls or slips.

Easier Care and Maintenance

Even “user friendly” hardwood requires a few extra steps to ensure that it looks good for many years. It can fade, dent, and need a sealant to stay free of scratches. Carpet, on the other hand, just needs to be regularly vacuumed, and occasionally washed. The biggest concern with carpet is fading where the sun is blocked by furniture, but that can be fixed with a regular cleaning schedule.

Carpet is Getting More Stylish

Many people remember carpet from decades past and shudder. From 70’s shag to the thin, scratchy carpet reminiscent of fake grass found in almost every office building in the 90s, every generation has a carpet horror story. But these days, carpet is becoming more eco-friendly, more stylish, and more comfortable. WE offer high-quality carpets made with recycled materials in a variety of styles for your needs. Plush luxury carpets for bedrooms or walk-in closets, Berber carpeting for hallways or other high-traffic areas, and more can be found in our catalogue.

When it comes to choosing the flooring in your home, you aren’t limited to hard flooring just because you may one day want to sell. Carpet installation could make your home feel more cozy, and more like home for you. Check out our carpeting options here in Ottawa to learn how your next floor might be the last thing you ever expected.