Spring is an Ideal Season for New Wood Flooring

Spring is an Ideal Season for New Wood Flooring

Have you been spending the winter months planning some sort of home improvement or renovation projects? Did you dedicate weeks or even months to choosing colors, floor plans, finishes, layouts and any number of materials? Even if your answer is no, and you are only just considering some work inside of your home, the coming spring season is an ideal time; particularly if new wood flooring is on the agenda.

Why New Wood Flooring Enjoys Spring as Much as You

If you were to ask any flooring experts about the best times to install new wood flooring, they would usually say that it is spring and fall that are best. Why? There are a few good reasons:

  • The open doors – When any new wood flooring is installed, the doors are open and closed a lot. If it is the heat of summer or the cold of winter outdoors, it will start to feel that way inside very quickly. Whether it is to carry materials or tools inside, take larger boards outside to cut or just to get the job done, the amount of conditioned air that can be lost outdoors is immense. It can make it an uncomfortable and costly endeavor.
  • The humidity and temperatures – Spring is a gentle and comfortable season, as is the autumn, and at both times, the amount of humidity is at a safer level for the installation of new wood flooring. Winter’s heating season can make a home very dry and summer’s high amounts of humidity can leave interior spaces a bit too damp; allowing wood to actually swell. You want to avoid extremes when installing wood floors as it ensures that no swelling or cracking occurs as the floors settle in after installation. That makes spring the perfect time!
  • The fresh air – Quite often, there are odors and loads of dust associated with the installation of wood flooring. You really don’t want all of it trapped inside in a home that is shut up tight to keep the air conditioned air cool or the heated spaces warm. And, here too, we see that spring lines up as the ideal season for a new floor.

As you can see, spring is a time when the new flooring can better acclimate and adjust. It means you run no risk of trouble with the floors as the seasons change and it can let you give your home an all new luck with the arrival of spring. The spring season is also the ideal temperature range for any of the adhesives used for wood flooring, and makes it yet another reason to consider updating the look of your interiors soon.

At Ottawa Diamond Flooring you can choose from an array of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, carpeting, tile and other types of flooring options. Get in touch to discuss your goals or needs and learn how this spring can bring with it an entirely new look to one or more rooms in your home or business.