Spring Cleaning Tips: The Flooring Edition

hand wiping floor

Sure, it is still the middle of winter, but why not look ahead to spring and think about the days when the windows can be thrown wide open and some of those long-standing housekeeping chores tackled? You know what we mean, the ones like scrubbing the floors and getting rid of months of dust built up in the corners.

In fact, now is a perfect time to map out your spring cleaning of your floors because it is such a huge task. No matter what type of flooring you have, it is likely that you need to move furnishings, roll up area rugs, and make sure that you can reach every corner to get things as dust, dirt, and dander-free as possible.

Begin with the Supplies

As your first step in getting ready for the best spring cleaning of your floors ever, we recommend you assemble a good array of supplies. These will be based on the type of flooring you have and include:

Tile – If your home has tile flooring in any area, you need to treat it as gently as you might other types of flooring. Begin to plan for a good cleaning by investing in a soft brush attachment for your vacuum. This will allow you to pull up loose dirt, debris and pet hair. Cleaning takes only a good scrub with warm water, but if you know the manufacturer of your tile, you might find an on-brand cleanser they create or recommend. Just skip using a sponge mop as this is capable of forcing water and dirt into the grout and leading to drying and decay.

Hardwood – Use a soft sweeper head or gentle vacuum brush to pick up loose dirt, debris, hair and other materials. Never scrub wood flooring as this can cause abrasion, gouging, and scratches. Always use a manufacturer recommended cleaner if available.

Laminate – Use the wand attachment to prevent scratching and then a dust mop or damp cloth to do a gentle cleaning. Always wipe up spills or puddles and fully dry the floor as it can be damaged and discolored. If the winter means grit and sand come inside, use a damp cloth to pick up the debris before damp mopping.

Vinyl – If you know the maker of the flooring, see their suggestions for cleansers and cleaning. A gentle mopping is always good and plain water with ammonia is usually safe for most modern vinyl.

Carpet – Spring is the perfect time to shampoo a carpet, but never do this yourself. Yes, you can buy and rent machines that claim to do this, but it is best to contact the firm that installed the carpet and hire their team or their referred vendor to do the work. Then, leave the room open for a day afterward and enjoy the fresh and clean scent of spring.

If your spring cleaning preparations have revealed that your floors are more in line for replacement than a deep clean, contact the team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring. Where they specialize in the sale and installation of Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramic, Vinyl, and Carpet Floor coverings, and sanding and refinishing services for existing hardwood floors.