Spring Cleaning Tips for Gorgeous Floors

Spring Cleaning Tips for Gorgeous Floors

Spring may have already sprung in your part of the world, but if not, it is just around the corner. That means it is time for spring cleaning. Sprucing up the inside of the home is a great way to welcome the warmer weather. It is the ideal time to fling open the windows, give everything a thorough cleaning and rid your home of winter’s dust, dirt, debris and build up.

However, spring cleaning involves a surprising number of tasks and steps, and a wise person will never try to do it all at once. Below are some spring cleaning tips focusing in one the one area of any home that takes the most abuse during the winter months – the floors.

Top Tips for Optimal Spring Cleaning Success – The Floor Edition

Roughly 90% of home and property owners, and renters, will do spring cleaning of some kind. Most will put a tremendous amount of attention on the largest surface area in the home – the flooring. Whether they are tiled, carpeted or covered in wood, they gather a tremendous amount of dust and debris during the winter season. Even with regular cleanings, the heating season makes it very challenging to keep the floors as clean as possible or dust-free.

So, to help you with this step, we offer the following tips:

Start with a good de-clutter – Think of spring as the season to eliminate back logs of magazines and newspapers, odds and ends that have been laying around all winter, and even larger items like furniture you haven’t used.

Empty the room – This sounds dramatic, but if you take the time once or twice a year to relocate furnishings to the next room, and then do a deep cleaning, it can help the floors to retain their good looks. It might also inspire you to rearrange the furniture, which also improves the flooring’s conditions by changing the usual traffic patterns.

Eliminate dust – Vacuuming, damp mopping, dusting and removing all dust and debris (as well as pet hair and dust bunnies) helps retain the floor’s finish.

Invest in good supplies – Once you have done a surface clean, it is a good idea to use the right kind of cleaning tools on the floor. A strong vacuum or even a premium shampooer is good for carpets, and a spray mop that is designed with rubber corners to protect walls and moldings while spritzing a safe cleanser is a great tool.

Microfiber heads are the best options for wood and tile or linoleum, and always go with the right “solution”. Choose residue free, non-toxic cleaners designed for the type of flooring for the best results.

Protect at the end – Before returning the furniture to the room, be sure you use a protective coating to give it a nice shine and seal. Put down furniture pads to help protect carpeting and hard floors, and invest in doormats to catch street debris outside.

And if you discover that your once beautiful floors just won’t spruce back up no matter how much cleaning you’ve done, it could mean that this spring is the ideal time to replace them. The team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring has more than 30 years of experience and a showroom that allows you to make the best choices. Call today for a free, in-home estimate.