Should You Update Floors in the Spring?

Should You Update Floors in the Spring?

Spring is a season often described as a time of renewal and newness, but does it mean it is a good season to update or have new flooring installed? Lots of people know it is the time of year when that transition from frozen winter to muddy spring means putting scraper mats and heavier duty mats at all of a building’s entrances is a must. Yet, what about making the move to a new floor in a home or business?

There are several reasons you might think it is not the right time. For one thing, all of the mud and debris that could be tracked inside and mar the new flooring or carpeting is a realistic concern. However, we have three really valid reasons that this spring is the perfect time for you to get that flooring you’ve been thinking about all winter (and perhaps much longer).

Acclimation is Best in the Gentle Spring Weather

Did you know that all kinds of flooring (carpeting to tile) have to acclimate to the surroundings? Just like all other materials, flooring materials work best when they get used to or come to the same temperature and humidity levels as the room they will be installed. Yet, the winter months mean that artificial heating and very dry conditions prevail indoors. The summer goes the other way and high humidity along with sweltering temperatures can be the norm.

These extremes can make it difficult to enjoy a proper atmosphere for optimal floor installation. This can lead to wood floors that shrink after being installed, wall to wall carpeting that develops ripples in the summer, and more.

With the spring season, everything attains a more even condition and it can be the best season for any sort of flooring installation.

The Windows Can Be Opened Wide

Winter is not exactly the time to throw open the windows, but summer may not be, either. Yet, most new flooring needs a bit of de-gassing or odor elimination. This is best done with a lot of fresh air being exchanged for the air inside, and nothing competes with a room full of doors and windows left open for hours after an installation.

The spring’s fresh air is also, typically, bug-free. The spring season is still often too early for insects to be around in huge numbers, and so you can allow the fumes and smells to go, the stains or glues to dry and the air to be easy to breathe and clean.

The Install Process is Less Worrisome

Just as you cannot leave doors and windows wide open during the winter or peak of summer, all of the “to and fro” of installation can become a problem. Your heating may need to be shut off or A/C turned down to accommodate the installers and all of the in-and-out they will do.

Clearly, now is the ideal time to consider that new floor you’ve been coveting, and before spring gets ahead of you, give the team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring a call. They will come out and do a free estimate and help you get a new floor for the new season.