Should You or Shouldn’t You Get Stair Runners

It is interesting to ask people about the use of stair runners. Many people say they prefer to leave their hardwood stairs exposed to show off the warmth of the wood and the elegant style they create. Some like the hominess of wooden stairs and others have never thought of any other way than to just leave wooden stairs “as is”. Yet, stair runners have an amazing amount of style and appeal.

Let’s spend some time considering the various pros and cons to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Just What Are Stair Runners?

A true and authentic stair runner is a piece of carpeting that is applied along the center of the stairway. It covers only the central portion of each step, leaving the edges exposed, but doing more than adding a decorative look. Stair runners are never made of carpeting that might cause any snagging or tripping, and are usually offered in prints or patterns that bring a lot of style or brightness to the space.


Why would you opt to add a strip of carpeting to wooden stairs? After all, the wood is finished and easy to maintain. However, the amazing benefits of stair runners cannot be ignored. Just consider:

• They reduce or even eliminate noise – Many runners pad the wooden stairs to such an extent that there is no longer much noise or sound when someone is moving up and down the steps.

Additionally, as part of any stair runner installation, you might also opt to have creaky wooden stairs repaired to further improve the quietness in the home.

• They make you safer – Runners equal traction and better footing. There is nothing riskier than a socked foot running down wooden stairs, and appropriately chosen runners can eliminate such risks for good. They also cushion each step to ensure better and more comfortable footing.

• They look great – If you look at before and after galleries of images of plain wooden stairs versus their carpeted versions, it is almost universally true that the carpeted stairs have a more attractive finish and look. They are more stylish and can be finished in many ways, including with brass rails or beautifully bound edges to the carpeting.

• They uphold the quality of the wood – Stairs get a lot of wear and tear and installing a carpet is going to protect the finish and prevent a lot of that ongoing wear.

• They can be purchased in every material, including wool, natural fibers, and synthetics.

• There are no styles of stairs that they cannot be installed on, including those with pie turns or landings

• You can have a runner installed as individual treads if you do not want a full width of carpeting on each rise

• You can match patterns of runners to rugs in halls above or below the landings, as well

That list represents the many benefits of “pros” of the use of runners on your stairs. Are there any downsides or cons to the matter? Not really. You will have to clean the carpeting using a vacuum or other device, but if you choose wisely the rug is unlikely to experience much wear or soiling.

When you want to discuss the options for stair runners, you can contact the experts at Ottawa Diamond Flooring to learn about your options. They can even discuss new stairs and railings if you decide that carpeting is not for you! Don’t hesitate to request an in-home appointment to discuss your many options for carpeting, or not!