Modern? Traditional? How to Compromise When It Comes to Kitchen Design

Modern? Traditional? How to Compromise When It Comes to Kitchen Design

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen with your significant other whose style doesn’t match your own, or your own tastes are a bit all over the place, it can be hard to know how to marry traditional and modern styles. At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we have seen countless examples of how two seemingly opposite styles can be combined. These are our best tips for creating your modern-traditional space.

Choose the Must-Haves from Each Style

Many couples that want different things for their kitchen start by listing the “must haves” for each of their styles. You may love modern, minimalist lighting fixtures, while your spouse is dead set on traditional cabinets. If you are creating a compromise with yourself, list what it is about each style that you absolutely love. Often you will find that you like different things about each style, when you take a close look.

Stick to the Rule of Three with Accessories

Any time you are attempting to make a room modern, you should always go for simple, clean lines. But traditional styles don’t always follow that rule. So the best way to handle décor and accessories, like backsplashes or faucet fixtures, is to stick to the rule of threes: choose one element from a traditional style, one element from a modern style, and one element that compliments both.

Use Color to Update Traditional Pieces

If you cannot decide on a good compromise when it comes to traditional furnishings, consider drawing your modern inspiration into the room through your color choices. A sleek stainless steel and white kitchen looks completely contemporary, even when the actual details are very decorative and traditional. Keep things neutral and add a fun pop of color if the all-white look isn’t your style.

Bring Continuity Through Materials

If you’ve chosen a balance of traditional and modern kitchen fixtures, and have decided on a color scheme, but still aren’t totally pleased with the combo, consider your materials. Sleek stainless steel appliances likely won’t look great with antique copper faucets – can the same style of faucet be found in a stainless finish instead? Natural stone and wood can make a very sleek space feel a little more traditional without sacrificing minimalism. Whatever you choose, be sure to echo it throughout the space for a put-together look.

Splurge on Perfection

If you chance upon a piece of furniture, a design element, the right tile for the backsplash, or any other detail that perfectly mirrors both your traditional and modern style, snap it up! Those are the pieces to splurge on, because they help define the style of the space in a tangible way. Don’t underestimate how even the smallest detail, if done perfectly, can transform your space into a kitchen you’ll both love.

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