Luxury Vinyl vs. Hardwood Floors

Worker Joining Vinyl Floor Covering During Home Renovation


The debate between hardwood and vinyl floors has raged on for decades. Each material has unique pros and cons, but the choice depends on what's most important to you on a floor.

Wood Floors

If you want hardwood floors, you'll want to know what makes them great.New Hardwood Flooring in home. Wood is naturally beautiful, and it can last a lifetime. It's also an investment since it will last so long. Your flooring cost per square foot is much lower than other options like carpet or tile.

Wood floors are more expensive than other types of flooring. They're one of the most expensive materials on this list! But if you're willing and able to shell out the extra money for them (and live in an area where they're available), they'll pay off in terms of durability and style over time.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and basements because of their durability and ease of care. They're also more affordable than hardwood floors.

Vinyl is an eco-friendly material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins derived from petroleum products such as propylene or ethylene dichloride. 

The vinyl flooring contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Still, it can be off-gas when exposed to high temperatures in direct sunlight or intense heat lamps used by retailers during product demonstrations. If you want to avoid VOCs, choose another type of flooring like bamboo or cork instead!


Vinyl floors are much easier to maintain than hardwood floors. You don't need to worry about stains, scratches and dents because they resist all kinds of damage. If you have a spill or accident, you can easily wipe up the mess with a cloth--no need for harsh chemicals or tools!

Hardwood floors require more effort in terms of maintenance than vinyl ones do. 

They must be cleaned regularly with wood cleaners if you want them to look their best; otherwise, they'll start looking dull over time (and no one wants their house to look like it has not been cleaned since the '80s). Also worth noting: Hardwood is much more likely than other flooring types (like carpeting) when it comes to repairs because wood tends to be damaged.

Cost and Value

The cost of materials is one of the most significant factors in determiningProfessional Joining Vinyl Floor Covering During Home Renovation whether a floor will be affordable. Vinyl flooring tends to be less expensive than hardwood, but many high-end vinyl options can cost more than some natural wood species.

When it comes to installation, hardwood is usually cheaper because it requires less labour than installing a similar amount of vinyl (though this may not always be true).

The long-term value of your floors depends on how well your installer did their job and how much maintenance you'll need to do over time.

If you have an expensive install done by a professional team who does incredible work on every job they take on, chances are high that your investment will pay off with higher resale value later down the road when it comes time for another move. 

However, suppose someone cut corners during installation or installed poor-quality materials. In that case, good things won't last as long as expected, which could mean poorer resale value later down the road too!


Vinyl is a good choice if you want a long-lasting floor that's easy to maintain. Vinyl is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean--so it'll last a lifetime without any special care.

Hardwood floors are more expensive, but they can add value to your home when selling it later on. A well-cared-for hardwood floor will increase the value of your property by 10-15%. Also, remember to mention that they look gorgeous!


There are many factors to consider when choosing between wood and vinyl floors. The main one is whether or not you want the look of natural wood without all the maintenance that comes with it. If so, vinyl may be the right choice for your home or office. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more authentic look--such as real hardwood floors--consider using our services! Contact us today to get started.