Laminate Flooring vs. Hardwood: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Laminate Flooring. Laminate Floor samples On Black Board Background.

Choosing the right flooring for your home is important as it impacts the aesthetics and plays a significant role in your space’s overall functionality and value. Two popular flooring options that are often considered are laminate and hardwood. 

In this blog post, we, Ottawa Diamond Flooring, will explore the key differences between the two and help you decide which is the right choice for you. We will delve deeper into their appearance, durability, maintenance, longevity, cost, and environmental considerations to comprehensively understand both options.

Appearance and Durability

Hardwood flooring is known for its timeless beauty and natural warmth. It is crafted from solid wood and gives any space an elegant and luxurious look. Hardwood Flooring. Close up of new hardwood flooring.

One significant advantage of hardwood floors is their ability to be sanded down and refinished multiple times, allowing you to maintain their original beauty and adapt the style to changing trends. 

Furthermore, each hardwood species offers unique patterns and colours, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Laminate flooring is designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood. While it may not have the same authentic charm as real wood, it offers many styles and can closely resemble different wood species. 

Laminate is highly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and fading, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or households with active children or pets. 

Additionally, laminate flooring does not experience the same expansion and contraction as hardwood due to changes in humidity, making it more stable over time.

Maintenance and Longevity

Maintaining hardwood flooring requires regular cleaning and occasional refinishing to keep it looking its best. The frequency of refinishing depends on the wear and tear the floor experiences. While it requires more care, hardwood floors can last for decades if properly maintained. 

It’s worth noting that hardwood is more susceptible to moisture and can be damaged by excessive water exposure. Therefore, it is important to clean up spills promptly to avoid any long-term damage.

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to maintain. It is resistant to stains and does not require sanding or refinishing. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a damp cloth is usually sufficient to keep laminate floors clean and in good condition. 

The wear layer on laminate flooring provides extra protection against scratches and fading, ensuring its longevity. However, laminate may not be as resistant to water damage as hardwood and should be promptly cleaned if spills occur. 

Avoiding excessive moisture in areas like bathrooms or basements where humidity levels can increase is also important.

Laminate Flooring VS. Hardwood Flooring Cost

Hardwood is considered a premium flooring option and typically comes with a higher price tag than laminate flooring. The cost can vary depending on the type of wood species, grade, and installation method chosen. 

Additionally, the cost may increase if refinishing or repairs are needed. However, hardwood floors are an investment that can add value to your home and are often sought after by prospective buyers.

Laminate flooring is more budget-friendly compared to hardwood. Laminate Flooring. Man Installing New Laminated Wooden Floor.It offers a cost-effective alternative that can give the appearance of real wood at a fraction of the price. 

Laminate flooring is generally easier to install, which can also save on installation costs. While it may not have the same resale value as hardwood, it provides a durable and attractive flooring solution for those on a tighter budget.

Environmental Considerations

Hardwood flooring can be environmentally friendly when sourced from responsibly managed forests. It is a renewable resource that, when properly maintained, can last for generations. 

Hardwood floors can be recycled or repurposed at the end of their lifespan. By choosing hardwood flooring, you contribute to the preservation of forests and support sustainable practices.

Laminate flooring is made mostly from compressed wood fibres and resin, making it less sustainable than hardwood. However, many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly laminate options that use recycled materials and low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesives. 

It’s important to research the specific brand and product to ensure they meet your sustainability standards if this is an important consideration for you.


When choosing between laminate flooring and hardwood, several factors must be considered, including your budget, desired appearance, durability, maintenance, and environmental impact. 

Hardwood flooring offers timeless beauty and can add significant value to your home, but it is more expensive and requires more maintenance. On the other hand, laminate flooring provides a budget-friendly alternative with durability and easy maintenance. 

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your personal preferences and your household’s specific needs. To make an informed decision, contact a trusted flooring professional who can guide you through the selection process.

If you’re looking for hardwood or laminate flooring in the Ottawa area, Ottawa Diamond Flooring offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the perfect flooring solution for your home. 

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