Laminate Flooring Questions: Transitioning from One Flooring to Another

Laminate Flooring Questions: Transitioning from One Flooring to Another

Flooring experts know that lots of home and property owners cannot easily afford to tackle new flooring in the entire space in one swoop. Many people work room to room or floor to floor to get it done. This can lead to a year or two of “transitional” flooring or finishes. One of the biggest challenges faced by many is how to make the transition from one room to another visually appealing and safe. The focus of this discussion is the shift from laminate flooring to carpet.

The Appeal of Laminate

Lots of people who are updating and redecorating (whether or not they have a limited or fixed budget) find that laminate is a wonderful choice. It installs easily, is a great deal more affordable than some wood flooring options, and it lasts for just as long while retaining its great looks. Installing it and doing all of the finish work is described by some DIY enthusiasts as an “experienced” level project, but it is really something best left to the experts. This is true of the initial installation as well as the finishing.

Should you replace your quality wall to wall carpeting with laminate because of its many benefits? No. If your carpeting suits your lifestyle, looks good and is a high performing product, you are wise to enjoy it for the many years that it will provide. However, if it is not a quality carpet and it does not serve the purpose, then do consider laminate as a remarkable update and replacement. This is especially true if your budget has held you back from wood flooring.

As noted, you will want to have only professionals tackle the removal of the old flooring and the installation of the new, but most especially when it is a carpet to laminate transition at a doorway or other entry, such as an archway.

Leave It to the Experts

Why is it important that professional carpet and flooring installers do the work? There are quite a few reasons. They include:

• Any transitions are usually installed beneath the door to allow a nice, visual finish to the room when that door is closed (I.e. you don’t see carpet peeking under the door of the room with laminate and vice versa).
• The carpet has to be cut with enough left to make the transition seamless and visually appealing
• Tack strips are needed and you must know how to use them properly.
• Padding is involved and has to be trimmed and a specialized carpet kicker used
• A hammer may be needed to ensure the carpet is re-hooked to a tack strip
• Finishing techniques are required and it may mean cutting a carpet and installing a wooden sill properly

The use of different types of flooring is never a style faux pas, but if the transition between materials is done badly, it can definitely make it a decorating disaster. If you are ready to invest in a shift from carpeting to laminate (or the reverse), you’ll want experts on the job. The team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring has years of experience in just such work and can help you get the look and high-quality finish you desire.