Ignore the Rules About Area Rugs When Purchasing Ottawa Floor Coverings

The area rug is a bit of a challenge to many homeowners because they are never quite certain about the ideal sizes, shapes, colors or uses for area rugs in specific rooms. Most of us know that choosing area rugs means adding:


Yet, if you are in the process of selecting Ottawa floor coverings, you may know that there are all kinds of informal “rules” or guidelines that designers give to those interested in using area rugs. We suggest you ignore any of these rules and instead follow some of our tips for choosing the perfect Ottawa Diamond area rugs for your interior spaces.

What Do You Want From Your Ottawa Floor Coverings?

One of the first things to do when ignoring the standard rules about area rugs is to simply ask yourself just what purpose you want that rug (or rugs) to serve. Is it about decorative interest? For instance, are you considering some Ottawa floor coverings to add some colors or textures, or even patterns to a room? Maybe it is more about framing out the furnishings and defining the space?

Whatever your goals, be sure you are very clear about them before you even begin to look at area rugs. To help with that, we suggest you actually map out the room and indicate where your major pieces of furniture will be placed. If the rug is for color, fill in the diagram with a similar hue, or even use a photograph and “color” in a rug where you wish it to go.

This is also a time when you will probably want to break that first, major rule. What is it? That “the rug should be large enough to slide under the front legs of sofas and chairs in a seating arrangement, unifying the furniture.”

Modern decorators say to ignore this and simply remain aware of the visual effect you want and let the feet fall where they will! You may even have no legs on the rug!

Another thing to consider when purchasing Ottawa floor coverings like area rugs is the space around the perimeter of the rug. There are all kinds of suggestions with this issue, and you might hear one expert say it is to be 12″ at least. Another may say just a few inches is fine, and yet another might say that you don’t need an evenly sized border.

Again, that means you can ignore the rule and use whatever approach is going to give you the final look you would like. For example, you might pick a very boldly printed rug that runs right up to the wall on one edge of the room but is not evenly spaced in relation to any other nearby walls.

Realistically, the only time that the space around a rug will become important, is when you opt to use a rug beneath a dining set. It is always easier if there is at least two feet of space to accommodate chairs, but even this is a rule you can break.

If you are eager to introduce colorful, textured or even subtle rugs to your spaces, visit the gallery at Ottawa Diamond Flooring and discover the diversity of shapes, and styles available.