Hardwood Flooring: Navigating the Options for Ottawa Homeowners

Hardwood flooring. Salesman With Flooring Samples In Hands.

Hardwood flooring has showcased its prowess for centuries in transforming homes into sanctuaries of warmth, sophistication, and timeless appeal. Its allure lies not only in the innate charm of the natural material but also in the substantial range of options – each offering unique aesthetic and functional benefits. 

Whether you desire solid hardwood’s classical appeal or engineered hardwood’s evolved performance, the world of hardwood flooring is a veritable wonderland. Join us as we navigate these alluring choices in the context of Ottawa homes.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Alluding to tradition and tangible opulence, solid hardwood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber. It is arguably the purest form of hardwood flooring – offering homeowners a touch of nature’s marvellous work at their feet.


Hardwood species significantly determine the overall look and attributes of the flooring. Here are some widely preferred species:Hardwood flooring. Living Room In New Construction Home.

  1. Oak: Oak holds the crown for enduring popularity in hardwood flooring. Renowned for its exceptional hardness, oak’s dense grain effectively masks dents and scratches, making it ideal for high-traffic areas or households with pets. It comes in various hues, ranging from light brown to a darker, more decadent cognac, complementing multiple decor styles.
  2. Maple: If you want a contemporary, minimalist vibe, maple is your answer. Characterized by a light, creamy colour and a subtle grain pattern, this hardwood species introduces a clean, sleek aesthetic to your home. However, it’s worth noting that maple’s tight, closed grain doesn’t absorb dark stains as well as other woods.
  3. Walnut: Walnut stands out with its naturally rich, dark tone and complex grain patterns. While it underpins a remarkable upscale look, it’s notably softer than its Oak and Maple counterparts, making it more prone to scratches and dents.


Solid hardwood flooring also offers a variety of finishes that can alter the overall appearance, durability and maintenance requirements:

  1. Polyurethane Finish: This type of finish adds a hard, protective layer to the hardwood and gives it a shiny, high-gloss look. It’s also easier to clean, making it a popular choice among homeowners.
  2. Oil Finish: Oil penetrates the wood and emphasizes the grain, providing an authentic, antique look. It is, however, more susceptible to damage and requires more regular maintenance.

Despite its natural charm and advantages, solid hardwood is sensitive to Canada’s humidity and temperature fluctuations. In Ottawa, these variations may cause solid hardwood to contract and expand, causing potential damage. 

Therefore, solid hardwood suits living areas and bedrooms more than moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms or basements.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is the saviour of the hardwood world, beautifully combining the aesthetic charm of natural wood with mitigating its inherent moisture-related drawbacks. 

Consisting of a natural hardwood veneer atop a core of multiple layers of wood, engineered hardwood offers superior stability against humidity and temperature changes.


Engineered hardwood flooring comes in an array of styles to achieve your desired aesthetic:Hardwood Flooring, Rustic.

  1. Traditional: Sometimes, perfection lies in simplicity. Traditional-styled engineered hardwood incorporates classic shades and a smooth texture for a timeless, elegant look that effortlessly complements a variety of furnishings.
  2. Rustic: If you like character and vintage flair, rustic-styled hardwood is your perfect match. By emphasizing the natural imperfections of wood– knots, mineral streaks, and grain variations – rustic hardwood flooring infuses spaces with a warm, comfortable appeal.
  3. Modern: Modern-engineered hardwood hits the mark for those chasing a clean, contemporary style. With lighter shades, minimal grain visibility, and a matte finish, this style projects a sense of refined sophistication.

Engineered hardwood’s enhanced durability and design versatility, coupled with its suitability for below-grade installations (like basements), make it a fantastic choice for Ottawa homeowners’ varying demands.

Eco-Oriented Options

In a time when environmental considerations are pivotal, homeowners might lean towards more sustainable hardwood options. Bamboo and Cork efficiently address this trend. 

Both regrow and regenerate much faster than conventional hardwood trees, making them an environmentally friendly flooring choice. 

They also offer unique visual appeal – bamboo with its elegant, exotic feel, and Cork with its distinct texture and comfort underfoot.


Hardwood flooring investment is about more than just bringing an aesthetic transformation. It must meet the performance requirements dictated by your lifestyle, geography, and personal style. While solid hardwood appeals with its authenticity and luxury, engineered hardwood impresses with its practicality and design versatility.

At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we understand the allure and implications of hardwood flooring choices. We ensure Ottawa homeowners can access diverse flooring options and receive the proper guidance to make their hardwood dreams come true. 

Our team of experts is on hand to help you navigate this world of excellent hardwood options, all of which are aimed at creating that cozy corner inside your home and striking a heavenly balance between beauty, comfort, and endurance. Contact us today.