Granite Countertops No Matter Your Design Style

kitchen with granite countertop

If you are planning a kitchen remodel this year, there are a multitude of reasons why choosing a granite countertop may be the best option for your update. Granite is a natural stone that is scratch resistant and heat resistant. When it is sealed, it becomes even more durable and isn’t susceptible to staining. Plus, it comes in so many gorgeous colors and patterns that it can really add flair to your kitchen, no matter your preferred design style.

Traditional Kitchens

If you are upgrading to a traditional-style kitchen, you are probably in love with the warm and classic feel. The muted colors and the creamy whites give a traditional kitchen its charm. No matter if you are adding in fruit or flower designs or just keeping it neutral, granite countertops make the perfect accompaniment to this style. Look for styles like the Costa Esmeralda granite which has a green-gray color, or the creamy white with gray veins that can be found in Blizzard granite.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are known for their sleek and contemporary style. They will be full of smooth lines and crisp colors. There is usually a more streamlined look to the space, and it is a very clean aesthetic. Granite countertops can be an ideal choice for the modern kitchen. Especially if you choose a White Princess granite that closely resembles marble, but at a much more affordable price, granite can add a modern touch without a high cost. Another popular choice in the modern kitchen is black granite with white veins. The black and white contrast makes for an eye-catching kitchen design.

Farmhouse Kitchen

You may think of farmhouse kitchens as rustic with butcher block countertops, but that is only one way of styling it. There are many modern farmhouse designs that opt for other choices. Some interior decor combines the best of both worlds by using a gray granite for the countertops and a butcher block for the island. Other farmhouse kitchens choose to go with a highly polished black pearl granite to contrast with the white cabinets or farmhouse sink. The choices are really endless!

Rustic Kitchens

Rustic style plays with textures and earthy tones. It gives a kitchen a very organic feeling and a certain warmth that makes you want to stay and relax a while. You may think that granite wouldn’t be a counter choice in a rustic kitchen, but it can certainly be used here as well.Graniteis an organic, earthy compound so it can flow quite nicely with the rest of the design choices. Try a slab with an intricate pattern, especially in gray and white colors, to set off the rustic woods and metals.

As you can see, there are so many different granite choices that you can find one to match any type of design style you are choosing for your kitchen. Granite is a durable and long-lasting choice that adds instant elegance and sophistication to your home. Contact Ottawa Diamond Flooring to discover their wide range of granite options. You are sure to find exactly what your kitchen needs!