Flooring Trends for 2019

Flooring Trends for 2019

If you are like us, you look to the internet to learn about the latest trends in everything from fashion to food or travel. That is why we are going to point you towards the hottest flooring trends for the coming year. Experts like the design teams at HGTV and private interior decorators are all looking the following trends in flooring as 2018 nears its end and 2019 begins:


Don’t let the old-fashioned stigmas associated with vinyl flooring influence your decorating choices. Most design professionals say that “vinyl is in demand” for its resilience; its beautiful range of colors, textures, styles and patterns (including planks that look just like natural wood); and its family-friendliness. Easy to clean and amazingly stain resistant, it is ideal for the “value hungry”, yet in 2019, there is expected to be a lot of movement in the luxury vinyl segment, i.e. the vinyl options that emulate wood, stone and ceramic tile. So, if you have been yearning for luxury flooring, vinyl may be the right choice for your 2019 home updated.


Another of the 2019 trends to consider is the continuing use of wood floors, but those that are produced by environmentally minded firms. BSL Hardwood, for example, is a Canadian producer that re-purposes 100% of its scrap material into eco-friendly energy logs, and PG Model is another Canadian firm noted for its adherence to the strictest environmental standards. Even carpet makers are getting in on the eco-friendly flooring trend, with brands like Dream Weaver maintaining only the highest environmental standards during production.


As one expert reported, “Carpet remains the market-share leader, accounting for more than 60 percent” of flooring purchases. Yet, carpets are far more flexible than ever before with a huge range of designs, colors, patterns and points of origin available. One big buzz word in carpeting trends for 2019 is wool. Popular for many decades, it is experiencing a flood of new interest as it is one of the most natural and least processed options. It is remarkably durable, even with minimal treatment and has an excellent feel. Producers like Woolmaster use 100% wool and ensure that such textures as Berber, shag and even sheared styles are available.

Keyword Trends

If you spend any time reading about the upcoming flooring trends for 2019, though, you begin to see a few key terms emerging. Whether it is consumers or designer speaking, the most commonly used phrases include low-maintenance, resilience, durability, and affordable. In other words, home and property owners are eager to invest in flooring that they can enjoy for longer periods than ever. Whether it is eco-friendly wood or wool, uniquely colored or textured vinyl, what seems to be the biggest trend is long-lasting and affordable flooring.

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