Floor Care and Cleaning in the Time of a Coronavirus Outbreak

woman cleaning hardwood floor

Chances are, you are like millions of others around the globe and find yourself at home during the current pandemic. If so, you may be looking for ways to pass the time, but you are probably also wondering how to keep your home as safe and free from the virus as possible. The good news is that many experts are happy to share information that explains how you can do this with the most basic tools and materials.

Which Areas Are Most Vulnerable

To begin with, flooring may not be the most vulnerable material in a home. As Dr. Lee Riley from the Division of Infectious Disease and Vaccinology at Berkeley Public Health indicated in a recent interview, research on the virus is ongoing and it is not clear as to how long it lasts on inanimate objects. Clothing, for example, is a cause for concern, because it must be heavily laundered or bleached to kill the virus.

Flooring, on the flip side, is easy to disinfect when you know which compounds to use for the flooring in question. The CDC in the U.S. has a general explanation for proper treatment of “hard, non-porous surfaces” such as floors. Their approach is to:

• Clean the surface first with soap and water and remove all stains and debris

• Rinse with water and wipe down with a clean towel

• Apply a disinfectant that leaves the surface damp (with disinfectant) for ten minutes

• Wipe this down with a clean towel

• Rinse and allow to air dry

• Always use gloves when cleaning and wash hands properly afterwards

• The CDC also says that you can clean floors in the bathroom and kitchen (hard flooring) with a mixture of one cup of bleach to five gallons of water.

To clean “soft, porous materials,” which the CDC says includes rugs as well as carpeting, towels, clothing, sofas, chairs, bedding, soft toys, etc. There are simple steps:

• Vacuum or remove all debris, dust, etc.
• If you cannot rent a carpet cleaner or have an expert to the home, it is usually safe to spray white vinegar on to any areas of concern. It is a natural disinfectant and rug or carpet friendly. A simple misting over the surface can often destroy bacteria and virus

• If you can steam clean, it is ideal as the heat of the steam kills the viral agents. If you add white vinegar in a one to three solution, it makes the treatment even more effective

• Allow the carpet to air dry fully

In both instances, if the day is fine and the weather good, throw open windows to allow the flooring to air dry and for the home to air out and get that wonderful freshness that is a hallmark of spring.

If you determine that you want to replace floors once the days of coronavirus have ended, or you want experts to deep clean flooring, the team at Ottawa Diamond Flooring will be there waiting.