Everything You Need To Know About Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Any homeowner will always want to give their home a new lease of life. It could be a change in furniture or decorations. Occasionally, the choice is more demanding – changing the floor is one such instance. 

When faced with this choice, you’ll have a decision to make. In any event, there are different types of flooring to choose from. Flooring runs the orbit from stone and tile floors, hardwood, vinyl, carpeting, and laminate floors. 

If you opt to go for laminate flooring, some facts might get you going: 

  • Laminate flooring closely resembles hardwood flooring
  • Barring any eventuality, it’s possible to install laminate flooring over any floor
  • This flooring is the ideal type for allergy sufferers 
  • Laminate flooring comes with a locking system that keeps hold of the pieces of laminate

The thin top layer of material makes it difficult for laminate flooring to be refinished 

Laminate flooring is a synthetic and multi-layer product with an inner core layer made up of fiberboard materials and resin. 

In recent years, laminate flooring – a less expensive flooring option has become increasingly popular. If you intend to go for this flooring option, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 


There are not a lot of details involved in the installation of laminate flooring. Often, this process is usually pretty simple. This floor comes with “click together” designs, which allow the different parts to lock into place with ease. 

The ease of installing laminate flooring eliminates the need to hire professionals if you wish to do it yourself. 


Laminate flooring comprises four distinct components: core layer, wear layer, décor layer, and backer layer. 

The wear layer is designed to resist scratches that emanate from daily wear. The core layer comes with dent-resistant properties, and it gives laminate flooring its structure. 

The décor layer is more or less similar to a printed image, and its primary role is to give laminate flooring the natural look of wood, stone, or tile. Lastly, the backer layer is often a source of additional support and stability.  


Maintenance is top among the most enticing features of laminate floors. These floors have earned the reputation of cleaning up easily. Also, it can’t go without mentioning that this flooring is highly resistant to water and stains. 

All that is required of you is to sweep and mop it regularly to prevent dirt and grime accumulation. To avoid scratches and dents, you should place soft castors and pads under chairs and table legs. 

Part of ensuring that the floor’s top layer does not wear down is desisting from the habit of using harsh cleaning products or scouring devices. In case of any spills, you should clean them up immediately using a little water. 

Do not allow water to penetrate this flooring’s surface because it will make the top layer peel and separate. 

laminate flooring color palette


Durability is a standard feature for the laminate floor. After all, this floor can withstand scratches, an aspect that makes it suitable for homesteads with children and pets. 

More often than not, laminate flooring is a suitable option for rooms with moisture, including bathrooms and kitchens. However, you’ll need to be on the lookout for any spills. 

The longevity of laminate flooring can be traced back to advances in manufacturing technology, which have made it possible for companies to imitate different types of floors in the market.  


If you want the look of hardwood at a relatively lower price, this is what you will get from laminate flooring. This flooring will come in handy, especially if you intend to be frugal even as you install a quality product. 

Types of Laminate Flooring 

With laminate flooring, you can either go for engineered wood or plastic laminate. The former has a top layer of high-quality hardwood coupled with layers of real wood, while the latter is made up of – you guessed it – a top layer of plastic, in addition to fiberboard and melamine.   

On matters of cost, engineering laminate is twice as much as plastic laminate, but it has a more convincing appearance, and it’s projected to last twice as long.


Laminate flooring is suitable for most rooms in your home, but you should avoid installing it in the bathroom or laundry room. If you opt to install it in moisture-prone rooms, special care and maintenance are of the essence. 

Since its inception, thousands of homeowners have had great success with laminate flooring. The fact that this flooring is simple to snap together makes it a preferable option for many homeowners. In any case, laminate flooring is a viable option that comes at a manageable cost.