Easy Winter Décor Updates with Area Rugs

Easy Winter Décor Updates with Area Rugs

Are you worried about experiencing the usual dose of winter blahs this year? Though it is still autumn, the holidays are going to arrive sooner than most imagine and then it is January…and winter grey is everywhere. The skies, the landscape, and even the interiors of the post-holiday home or office can seem dull and colorless. Because of this, it’s a good idea to consider how to bring a bit of zing to the décor, and area rugs are an amazingly easy way to do so.

There are a few tips to put to use to make the most of area rugs, including:

Accent colors – What hues are your most common accents in the current color scheme? Whatever they might be, it is a good idea to be sure they figure prominently in the area rug. And if you have a grey or black and white theme? Go ahead and choose at least two hues outside of the basics and use them to add a bit of vibrancy to the overall space. For example, a bit of gold and orange or even red work well with a black/white/grey theme, as will turquoise and sea blue, and so on.

Texture – Regardless of whether or not there is existing wall to wall carpeting or hard surface flooring, the area rugs selected need to incorporate a bit of texture entirely different from the existing materials. Whether it is a densely woven area rug, a kilim-style weave, a lush and dense rug…the goal is to make it notably different.

Size – Use the area rugs selected to map out a distinct area of a room. Rather than aiming to distract or cover an entire space, try to use that rug to bring light, dimension, or distinction. Scaling it to the room or the portion of the room is a surefire way to get optimal results.

Ease of care – The area rug added for wintertime use may also have to be one that can withstand the additional rigors that the season brings. As a simple example, you may find that the area rug you select is meant to appear in the entry or an area of heavy foot traffic. Will it withstand the grit, sand, and general grime tracked in on the bottom of winter shoes and boots? Will you need to be in a constant battle to maintain the area rug in a good and visually appealing condition? If not, you may need to consider an option with protective coatings or another sort of treatment.

Within these simple rules you have a lot of flexibility, and yet you may find yourself tossing them aside when you start to look at the remarkable options for area rugs available. After all, there are so many choices in modern area rugs, you may find it easy and affordable to make updates throughout the winter instead of just once at the start of the season. Take time to find out what sorts of colors, textures, sizes and features are available.

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