Carpet Trends to Follow

Carpet Trends to Follow

Hardwood floors may have been gracing the covers of decor magazines for the last few years, but it is time, once again, to embrace carpeting. Those looking for a plusher, warmer floor covering will be happy to find that new carpet technologies are making it more durable and softer than ever before.

Many people are jumping on board with these fantastic carpet trends for a cozier home. Plus, carpeting absorbs sound, which makes it suitable for the nursery or on the floors of an apartment. You can feel warmer in the wintertime, and you can relax with your toes in the plush carpet fibers.

Neutral Gray

Whether you are loving the farmhouse style or are more of a traditionalist, the neutral color of the moment is a lovely flint gray. Nylon carpeting in this vibrant gray color is low maintenance, and resistant to spills and dirt. The neutral gray tone matches with just about any type of furniture, and it is easy to transition from one room to the next.


If you prefer your flooring options to take center stage in your room’s decor, a patterned carpet may be for you. Some of the patterns that are showing up more and more often include stunning geometric patterns and animal prints.

When opting for an animal print carpeting, you don’t want to go with something as bold as zebra stripes as it will get tiring to the eye very quickly. Choose a more subtle pattern such as a fawn print to add visual interest without the eye fatigue.

Natural Materials

Homeowners and interior designers agree that green flooring options are the way to go. You may be thinking that natural fibers won’t make great carpeting, but that isn’t true when you consider a sisal carpeting installation.

Sisal is an eco-friendly flooring choice because it is sustainable and it is also biodegradable. It can be treated with a fire-retardant for safety, and it can also be sealed to keep it stain resistant.


Those that enjoy an eclectic decor style will adore the new floral patterns that are showing up. This type of design can quickly become overwhelming, but it helps to keep it in muted colors or pair it with furnishings that are solid colors.

Buffalo Plaids

This is a very bold pattern that won’t work in just any room, but when it is paired with the right colors and furniture items, it can be quite stunning. If you can’t find a color pattern in the hues that you prefer, you can consider making your custom style with carpet tiles.

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