Carpet Trends for a New Year

Carpet Trends for a New Year

2019 is bringing in a whole new crop of design trends when it comes to home decor. The days when you simply chose a neutral carpet color and put it down wall-to-wall are gone. Now there are so many options that carpet is one of the decorating choices that can add color, style, and flair to your home. You can customize the color, texture, pile, and patterns to create a truly stunning accent. Here are a few of the carpet trends you are sure to see in the upcoming months.

Luxuriant Foyers

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Isn’t that how the saying goes? With that in mind, you can see why decorators are bringing a focus to the entryway. No more boring rugs! Instead, you will see luxurious pieces that bring a lot of personality to this space.

Geometric Patterns

People have been using geometric patterns to decorate their homes for centuries. It is about time that the trend transferred to carpeting. It is time to pass up on the solids or the floral patterns and start embracing bold colors in intriguing geometric patterns. Another option is contrasting colors that can be more applicable season after season.

Full-Size Rugs

Keep a room balanced and cozy with a larger area rug. These large rugs add warmth to a room which is especially important when living in a colder climate. You will love the look of luxury that it creates.

Earth Tones

If you aren’t ready to jump on the ice cream colors, perhaps you will feel more comfortable with the earthier tones. These colors pair well with nearly every type of design style from traditional to eclectic. You will love the richness that a terracotta, deep ocean blue, rich wood brown, or a lush sage green can add. These tones can help make rooms look larger, and they pair well with plenty of furnishing material types.


The decor of the 1970s holds strong today. There are plenty of eclectic interior design themes that include the fringe! A perimeter fringe in a contrasting color adds so much vintage flair to an area rug. It is the little details like this that really amp up the chic-factor of a room. Many interior designers are opting for a rug in a neutral shade with contrasting fringe in a very vibrant color. It is a great way to add visual interest in a room.

Kilim Rug

If you love the Scandinavian decor style, you will absolutely adore the Kilim rug trend. These rugs are found in bright, joyful shades with bold patterns, and they really function well in those rooms full of whites and grays common in the Scandinavian style. The boldness of the rug perfectly accents the sleek and smooth lines of the furnishings.

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