Binding, Serging, or Fringing: Which Area Rug Finish is Right for You?

When you are buying an area rug, you have a lot of things to think about. The shape, size, design, color scheme, and materials are all a big part of your decision. But another thing that you should consider is the edge finish. There are three main types of area rug finishes: binding, serging, and fringing. Here’s what you need to know about each so that you can make the best choice for your home.

Area Rug Binding

Binding is a technique in which the edges of the carpet are completely bound so that the natural edges of the woven fibers are not showing at all. This could be a thin rounded edge, a thick flat edge, a seamless-look edge that appears to blend into the rug, a contrasting color, and many other styles. If the edge of the rug is smooth, it is considered binding. This is great for people who don’t want to deal with a lot of upkeep, and who enjoy the minimalist appearance of a smooth edge.

Area Rug Serging

Serging is another type of area rug that contains the edges of the fibers in the rug. Rather than covering them in a smooth edge as with binding, serging creates a hand-sewn appearance. The edge of the rug appears to have been wrapped in a thick, rope-like edge. This gives the rug a more crafted, rustic appearance, perfect for more natural styles and those who enjoy the look of hand-crafted home goods. These rugs are still easy to care for, but the serged edge can fray over time.

Area Rug Fringing

The last type of rug finish is called fringing, which is self-explanatory: your rug has a luxurious fringe. This is one of the most stylish edges for a rug, and can look traditional and classic, boho and eclectic, or fun and whimsical – and every style in between. However, fringed rugs do require the most care. The fringe can fray, and is also known for attracting pets that like to chew or pull on the fringe. In some cases, the fringe is actually an extension of the fibers of the rug, which means that the rug can be ruined if the fringe is damaged in some cases.

Which Area Rug Finish is Right for You?

Depending on what your home décor style is, any of these rug finishes could work for you. If you enjoy a chic, minimalist look, and prefer easy-to-care-for home goods, binding is the best option. This is also the best choice in homes with small kids or rowdy pets. If you love the look of luxurious, traditional rugs, fringing is the best choice – but be aware that you’ll need to devote a little more time to caring for this type of area rug. If you want something that falls in between, a serged finish could be right for you.

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