Autumn 2019 Flooring Trends to Consider

Autumn 2019 Flooring Trends to Consider

Home decorating experts seem to love the arrival of the fall season, and there are endless articles and images shared about warming up the house and making it cozier and even earthier as the seasons shift. One area that receives a lot of attention is flooring, and that is for one strong reason: It can become the “make or break” factor in cozying up or warming up any space. And however straightforward or basic most think their flooring might be, it is quite astonishing to see the impact that even a slight change in flooring materials or colors can make.

To demonstrate this, let’s consider some of the current trends in flooring that seem to be emerging as top trends for autumn of 2019:

Coffee Tones – Because an array of vibrant blue shades, ranging from azure and turquoise to cobalt and navy, are hot for the late summer and early fall, coffee-colored flooring is emerging as a hot trend. Whether it is wooden flooring stained to complement and contrast against a blue scheme, or it is luxury vinyl tiles, carpeting, or area rugs, look for colors ranging from black coffee to a creamy latte.

Blondes – At the other end of the spectrum are “Nordic” tones for autumn color schemes, and these hues work well with the rich reds, greens, and golds that dominate an autumnal palette. Whether manifested through a lovely woolen carpet, pale blond floors or planks, or area rugs that bring the blonde hues, this is a definite autumn trend to try.

Exotic Runners – Not everyone can afford a large area rug richly woven with lots of colors, but most budgets can quite easily accommodate a runner rug. The fall season is ideal for a more whimsical, exotic or Bohemian look, and area rugs from Persia, Morocco or the Middle East can add a bold dash of color or lovely texture. They’ll update the space instantly and give just the right level of style and comfort.

Gold Tones – While coffee-colored flooring is a definite trend, so too are the natural golden hues of oak, birch, and pine. Whether manifested through wide plank boards, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles, or a golden-hued rug or carpet, it can add a level of warmth ideal for the chillier autumn evenings.

Black on Black – Though many don’t think of black as autumnal or an ideal decorating hue, a hot trend for black on black palettes has emerged. Darkly colored walls and molding, furniture pieces painted or stained a rich dark black or other deep hues, and flooring that brings texture along with that same monochromatic scheme are all ideal for the end of the season. Pair this scheme with marble surfaces, lots of glass, and bold dashes of green or autumnal foliage for a fantastic effect.

Other flooring trends to consider this fall include minimalist décor emphasized with textured flooring, vibrant red schemes accented with warmer carpets and woods, and more. To discover more about these trends and how to bring them to life in your space, visit Ottawa Diamond Flooring’s showroom or site and discuss the many options available.