Amazing Tile ideas for Your Small Bathroom

bathroom with white tiles

Even if you have a tiny bathroom, you can add a whole lot of style and flare with a carefully laid tile pattern. While there may many things to consider when you are redesigning your bathroom from choosing to switch to a stand-up shower to what color scheme to go with, tiles should be at the top of your design mind. Here are a few tile options that can totally transform a small bathroom into an amazing space that you love.

Large Tiles

You may be thinking that a small bathroom needs tiny tiles, but you can think again! Using larger tiles will actually create the illusion that the bathroom itself is larger. Feel free to play with larger tiles in interesting shapes. They will appear to push the walls out and make the room look so much bigger.

Diagonal Patterns

Tile doesn’t just have to be used on the floor in a bathroom. In fact, you can install tile from the floor to the ceiling if you desire. Putting tile in a diagonal or herringbone pattern on the longest wall of the room can trick your eyes into thinking the room is longer and taller than it actually is. Just remember to plan this installation really well, as complicated patterns can be more difficult to execute and can easily look askew.

Fun Colors

Using fun tile colors in the bathroom can give your space a cool, retro look. Teals, greens and even bubblegum pink can make for a fun tile floor color. However, when you are doing something so bold, it is a good idea to keep the rest of the bathroom a very stark white to keep things from being overwhelming to the senses.

Black Tiles

Now for the opposite end of the spectrum, from bold colors straight to black. Using black tiles can add a lot of sophistication and elegance to a small space. It is especially striking when you combine the bold masculine black tiles with a very feminine floral wallpaper design.

Accent Wall

Use a fun tile shape like octagons or fish scales to create a tile accent wall. This will give your bathroom a certain whimsy that is completely charming. The tiles can be monochromatic or in a mosaic pattern. This look works really well in a small half bath.

Contrasting Grout

Grout lines can cause a bit of clutter, visually speaking, if they aren’t done right. However, when done correctly, you can use contrasting grout work to keep the eyes moving upwards which makes the room appear larger. White subway tile with gray grout is a very good combination for making this design aspect work.

Glossy Tiles

You don’t want to do glossy tiles on the floor, but if you are planning on tiling the walls, glossy can be a perfect choice. The super shine of a glossy tile makes the bathroom look more light and spacious. Using a light and neutral color when going glossy is a safe bet for keeping the room from looking dated.

If you are looking to add new tile in your bathroom, or any other room in your house, come check out the multitude of options at Ottawa Diamond Flooring. Our design experts can help you choose the perfect match for your home!