A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Are you eagerly seeking a type of flooring that offers good looks, durability, flexible options in design and style, and all at a reasonable price? The use of vinyl tile flooring may be the right choice for your home or business. Luxury vinyl, whether formed as planks or tiles, is an even more superior choice in most instances.

Why? As one of the most recent innovations in floor coverings, it lets the decorator or property owner create the “look” of ceramic tile flooring, hardwoods, and even natural stone, far more easily and with many other benefits.

The Pros of Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you are curious as to just how many benefits and advantages there are to choosing vinyl tile or luxury vinyl flooring, consider:

• It is entirely waterproof
• It is both pet and kid-friendly thanks to its dent and scratch resistance
• It is much softer under the foot than stone, tile or another flooring
• It is one of the easiest to maintain styles of flooring
• It is stain-resistant to a higher degree than other options
• It has realistic features and looks
• It installs far more quickly than other materials
• It offers noise suppression and is a “quieter” flooring

And while these are all undeniable benefits, it is relevant to note that luxury vinyl is well-suited to almost any setting in the home or business. Its applicability includes everywhere from a lobby or foyer to the guest bathroom or kitchen.

Built-in Layers

Essentially, the reason that luxury vinyl flooring can offer so many pros has to do with its construction, which includes many layers. Usually, this consists of at least four layers that each brings a desirable property to the flooring. There will always be a backing layer called upon to serve as the mounting surface, there are core and decorative layers and then a coating that makes the vinyl so water, stain, and puncture-resistant.

There will always be options for commercial-level wear and even rigid core styles that emulate planks or stone, and what makes it more appealing is that it can mount to almost anything. Luxury vinyl, when installed by experts, can be placed on everything from cement and other subflooring to granite or pre-existing tile.

Are There Cons to Luxury Vinyl?

Any flooring is going to come with a few negatives or cons, and for vinyl, it includes the risks of being dented or even punctured by heavy objects, it can be difficult to remove if glued firmly to the subfloor during installation and it is not a biodegradable material. These are minor issues when compared to the many advantages that this sort of flooring offers.

If the idea of an easy to install, affordable, long-wearing and flexible form of luxury vinyl flooring appeals to you, visit Ottawa Diamond Flooring’s showroom or site and discuss the many options available. Their expert team can help you decide whether you want luxury vinyl tile or if standard décor options like wood, stone or ceramic flooring is your best solution.