7 Things You Need to Know About Engineered Hardwood

Luxurious living room with engineered hardwood

For a lot of homeowners, engineered hardwood is a popular choice for those needing top-quality hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is always a good choice for those who have young children running about the place and perhaps those with pets too. There are plenty of benefits that can come with having this type of flooring in your home. Here are 7 things you need to know about engineered hardwood if you’re considering it for your property.

1.It’s much stronger than single pieces of wood.

If you’re looking for something that’s durable and is going to withstand a lot of wear and tear, then this type of flooring is for you. It’s bonded together and made out of layers of hardwood, lumber and plywood. This combined makes the core of the material a lot stronger as a result. When you purchase any type of flooring, the quality needs to be there and durability is an important factor. Unlike carpets, hardwood flooring is always going to be a popular choice with families and those who want a material that’s going to deal with a lot of the footfall that it experiences daily.

So whether you’re heavy-footed or not, this can certainly be beneficial to choose over other flooring options.

2.You can install it wherever you like.

With hardwood flooring in general, you’ve got a lot more versatility in where you can lay it down. With engineered wood, you’ll find that it has a lot more stability and therefore can be stored in different areas and levels of your home. There may be areas of the home that have higher humidity levels like your bathroom for example and so it’s important to have engineered wood that can adapt to these levels.

As it’s hardwood flooring, you also have the luxury of putting it in places where there would usually be carpet.

3.Engineered hardwood is sourced with the environment in mind.

Engineered wood is manufactured in a way that’s more helpful to the environment and to be environmentally conscious nowadays is more important than ever. We’re all focused on improving sustainability and cutting down our carbon footprint, so that’s why it can be useful to take advantage of a material like this that is helping to safeguard the forests around the world. These types of woods that make up the engineered hardwood flooring are fast-growing, they’re significantly underutilized and also less expensive.
Being able to have something highly effective whilst also being good to the environment is likely going to tick off many people’s boxes. And if it’s doing its bit to save the forests, then that’s also great.

4.It’s often more affordable than other floorings.

Finding affordability in your hardwood is important and with engineered hardwood, it’s a lot more affordable than other wooden flooring options you’ll find on the market. As the materials used to make up the engineered hardwood are cheaper to source, it can allow the customer to benefit from this. A reduced price means that you’ll be spending less, which can be ideal, especially for bigger spaces. It all depends on the specific product you choose but the price difference can be quite significant between the engineered option and solid hardwood.

Having this affordable hardwood can make it more accessible to others who may only have a limited budget available.

5.There’s a variety of styles available.

With engineered hardwood, there’s a lot more variety when it comes to picking the type of style and finish that you want. When it comes to your home, you want to be able to incorporate styles and finishes that you love and that will appreciate for years to come. With this type of material, you’re not limited to the same typical wooden appearance. You can choose from a range of wood types from maps natural to hickory. There are also colour options that you might want to incorporate into the wood too.

There’s a lot of options that can make this a unique floor type to have in your home. It isn’t as generic as you might think it would be when it comes to engineering a hardwood. Stained wood can be a gorgeous feature for your flooring and can change the space, whether you choose to lighten or darken it.

6.It isn’t fake or laminated.

Many will often confuse engineered hardwood to be like vinyl planks or laminate flooring. However, this type of engineered hardwood has real hardwood that acts as a top layer of the combined materials. This thickness of the top layer can often vary depending on the product you pick. However, the answer remains the same, it’s not going to look fake when you purchase this type of flooring.

It’s the quality that makes this type of hardwood flooring a very popular choice because not only does it perform better, it looks the part too.

7.Can be placed onto most sub-flooring.

There may come times where you don’t fancy lifting up sub-flooring and with some flooring that you want to lay down, it’s not possible to just simply lay what you want on top. However, with this type of flooring, it can be simply glued down on top of most sub-flooring that you may have in your home. From gluing it onto concrete slabs or stapled down on wooden flooring. It can save a lot of time and hassle that perhaps you don’t want to have when it comes to decorating your home.

Engineered hardwood is a preferred choice for many nowadays not just for its authentic appearance and style but also for providing a lot of versatility and durability. It’s worth investing in and utilizing all-around your home.

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