7 Instagram-Worthy Home Renovation Ideas

We know there’s more to life than social media but, despite this, more and more of us want our homes to look like they do on Instagram; perfectly lit and perfectly framed 24/7. Is this social media version of modern home design possible to achieve or are we just fooling ourselves?

Well, maybe it’s not possible to live life in an eternally, clutter/dirt/dog-hair free, beautiful 2D world, but there are many home renovation ideas to make everyday life that little bit more pleasing to the eye.

If you’re thinking of home remodeling and want to get a more modern, shareable feel to your living space, we at Ottawa Diamond Flooring have put together some ways to achieve lasting Instagram-worthiness…

1. Spend time on color

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There’s a reason Pinterest, Instagram and other amateur photography sites are so popular and this is because they all satisfy our need for well-balanced light (#yesfilter) and complementary color schemes, perfectly distilled into a small frame. Our homes don’t yet have ‘heart’ buttons, but modern home design can better appeal to our aesthetic wants, if we take the time to think about mixing suitable color palettes, enhancing lighting and creating clean contrasting lines during home remodeling.

Whether it’s leather sofas, hardwood flooring, slate or granite worktops, consider paints and finishes which complement rather than perfectly match.

2. Go monochrome


I take back what I said above, because monochrome can also be a stunning choice and hard to get wrong. Whether you opt for white wall tiles and black fittings or black/white floor tiles and white counters, the beauty of monochrome is in the pleasing contrast which also helps to draw the eye to other aspects of the room such as a potted plant or a statement art piece. Black and white also works well with many metal fittings including chrome, stainless silver and brushed gold, depending on your preference.

3. Think minimal

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You know how the old saying goes, ‘an Instragramable kitchen is a minimal kitchen’, well, okay, I just made that one up but maybe it’ll be an old saying one day. My point is, when thinking about home renovation ideas, you’ll want to make sure to rid yourself of clutter. Whether that means creating clever hidden cabinets within your worktops or kitchen island, or tailor-fitting some of your appliances (e.g. microwave, hob and oven) into the room’s design, you’ll not only feel as though you’ve freed up space but you’ll also likely feel a lot more relaxed looking at the bare and simple surfaces.

3. Complement your cat/dog

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Call me crazy, but, as your pet(s) will probably be spending more time in your newly renovated home than even you will be, it’s important that they’ll fit in. You might want to build shelving for your cat to perch on, or build a cubby hole under the stairs for your dog, whichever it is, it’ll be unique to your pet and great for photos.

Another, less drastic, way to incorporate your pet into your home renovation ideas is to choose a flooring that hides their hair nicely. If you’ve got a black dog or cat, avoid flooring that is too light, while, for white pets, avoid doing the opposite. And, if you want to go one step further, perhaps create a shade palette centered on your pet’s coat. While a ginger tabby will be well placed in a home with strong beiges and light woods, a black terrier would look right at home in monochrome. You get the idea!

4. Express yourself with fabrics

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If the main colors in your new space are to be understated, you give yourself the freedom to go wild with your interior designs, depending on your seasonal moods.

Cushions, throws and wall art are all good ways of making your space your own while allowing you to keep your actual home remodeling costs down. Plus, if you choose the right flooring, fittings and countertops the first time round, you won’t be needing another renovation in years; all you’ll have to do is change your fabrics and color scheme up every few seasons.

5. Utilize textures

Again, if you want your new modern home design to last, forget fancy, ornate fittings and instead opt for durable materials and neutral finishes. This will allow you to give depth to your home with texture. As well as playing with things such as hemp lamp shades and other textured furnishings, consider opting for distressed leather seating, hardwood flooring and tables, natural fiber rugs and carpeting, or rough slate tiling.

6. Create clean lines

As well as thinking minimal, you may also want to think about your use of clean lines during your home remodeling. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and so is a space which doesn’t disrupt the eye with unnecessary lumps and bumps. Is your sink in line with your work surfaces? Is your overhead lighting aligned with your seating? Be precise!

7. Distress your space

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Not all modern home design should be ‘modern’ looking. In fact, the more worn in your place looks, the more Instagram points it might get. Think exposed pipes, brushed steel, partially painted, bare brick walls. Basically, the more it looks like an abandoned 1950s brewery, the better!

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