6 Top Flooring Trends in 2018

6 Top Flooring Trends in 2018

It might seem that flooring would not be something that experienced trends. After all, new flooring can be a major project in a home or other space, and one that comes at a significant cost. Yet, experts agree that one of the best ways to boost a home's value, esthetics, and even efficiency is to upgrade the floors.

Yet, as one might guess, it is not that just any flooring can add value, efficiency or good looks. That is why anyone eager to enhance their home will also want to look at some of the more popular or trending things that people are doing with their flooring.

1. Wide plank wood floors - Wood flooring is a perennial classic, yet it can be found in a nearly endless number of styles. Typically, the boards are not that wide, only a few inches at best, but one of the latest trends is to go with actual planks of 12" or more in width. While once relegated to more rustic interior designs, this look is popping up in an ever increasing number of spaces and decorating themes.

2. Unusual hardwood colors - Pecan, honey pine, rich oak, and mahogany are all colors and wood types we are used to hearing about when describing wood floors. Today, though, you will find that wood flooring is being stained in an ever increasing range of colors, including many shades of grey to rich and deep ebony hues (which can almost erase the visible lines between the boards!).

3. Hardwood parquet floors - Placed in the familiar herringbone-like style, parquet floors were once thought to be a thing of the past. Yet, the arrangement of hardwood boards into the unique and appealing geometric designs is now in full revival mode and chosen as a way to create an accent in a less than impressive room or just add some natural charm, warmth and appeal.

4. Alternative materials - Whether you are thinking of flooring as a way of increasing the home's value or making it more efficient, you can also consider the more unique materials that include exotics, bamboo, and even cork.

5. Greener carpeting - Some people want materials like wall to wall carpeting but hesitate because that particular style can be bad for the environment and even bad for human and pet health. However, some brands, like Dream Weaver are acting ahead of the trends and already making carpeting that uses less water, energy and generates fewer emissions throughout manufacturing. It also lasts longer and resists staining to prevent any need for replacement over the short-term.

6. Porcelain tile floors - For centuries, many areas have relied on porcelain and terrazzo floors to keep cool in summer and remain easy to clean. Today, tile flooring anywhere in a home is more and more trendy, and a great choice to consider.

You now have six of the main trends in flooring for this year and will want to consider how to boost home value and make cleaning easier than ever choosing one of them! Ottawa Diamond Flooring offers all of these options, and more and is a perfect place to begin the search for your new decorating project.