5 Tips to Make Your Area Rug Last Forever

5 Tips to Make Your Area Rug Last Forever

Giving your home style, comfort, and insulation for colder days and nights, area rugs are much more than just a décor accessory. But because these essential home items are walked on, they often get worn out much faster than other types of design elements. Area rugs are often significant investments, especially in terms of your time. You spend hours picking out just the right rug, so why spend only a few minutes caring for your investment? Here are five tips to help your area rug look better, longer.

Take Care of Spills Immediately

Whether your area rug is made of luxurious natural fibers, or stain-resistant man-made materials, there is still a chance that a spill will leave a mark if left to soak. The best way to prevent your area rug from becoming discolored is to take care of spills the second they happen. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the sight.

Don’t rub the carpet when you wipe up a spill. This only spreads the potential stain. Instead, blot the liquid in dabbing motions to soak it up. Then follow up with a cleaning agent that you trust on your area rug.

Regular Vacuuming is Key

Did you know that vacuuming a rug does more than just remove dirt and dust? It actually prevents fraying and damaged fibers from walking across the rug. This is because any debris that are at the base of the carpet cause friction when a person walks across the carpet, which leads to damaged fibers. Additionally, vacuuming helps keep the area rug plush and plump by getting air throughout the fibers.

If your area rug is in a high traffic area, twice weekly vacuuming is a very good idea. At least once per week for all other area rugs will keep them looking great.

Use a Rug Pad

Want to prevent those worn areas that you see on older area rugs? One way to do this is to always use a rug pad under your rug. The friction between rug fibers and a hard floor surface crushes the fibers, which is what leads to that dingy, flattened, or worn-out look. Additionally, area rug pads help prevent slipping.

Rotate Rugs Every Year

An area rug that gets walked on tends to develop a pattern of wear from the usual traffic pattern. This can lead to those worn out spots in the middle of a large area rug, for example. Rotating your rug once per year helps prevent this from happening, so that your rug wears evenly across the entire surface over the years.

Regular Deep Cleaning Helps

Finally, one very important way to keep your area rug looking great year-round is to have a regular deep cleaning performed by a professional. Steam cleans or dry cleaning can help keep your area rug looking good as new, and many people do this right around the holidays before guests start arriving.

With these five tips in mind, you can choose the area rug that will suit your style to a T at Ottawa Diamond Flooring, and trust that it’ll look as beautiful as it does today, as long as you need it.