5 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom with a Mosaic Tile Floor

5 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom with a Mosaic Tile Floor

If you scroll through decor blogs very often, you may have noticed a rise in the popularity of glass tile mosaics being used on countertops, walls, backsplashes, and even bathroom floors. The right design can add a level of luxury to a space, and when the glass tile mosaics are in the bathroom, it can make every shower or bath feel like a trip to a luxurious day spa.

Glass tiles come in nearly every shape, size, or color you can imagine which makes the design options limitless. Any color scheme you can imagine is attainable. The most common tile sizes are ½ inch by ½ inch, and usually, people opt for square or rectangular shapes. Yet, it is not uncommon to see hexagons, octagons, or other custom shapes. Designers may even mix materials using metal tiles or stone in conjunction with the glass tiles for a unique look.

5 Reasons to Go with a Glass Tile Mosaic Floor

1. Design: As we mentioned before, the design options are virtually limitless, and this makes it very easy to create your own custom bathroom. The patterns can be simple or extremely intricate, and the colors can be found to match any of your other designs such as paint colors or furniture.
2. Cleaning: Glass tiles are great for bathroom spaces because they resist mold and mildew. Plus, they are also resistant to staining as well, and they aren’t porous, so you don’t have to worry about them absorbing any of your cleaning products. Clean up is a breeze with just a few swipes with a cloth or a simple vinegar mixture to wash off soap-scum.
3. Green: While glass tiles definitely can be found in a green color, the green we are referring to here is the environmental kind. The creation of a glass tile takes about half the amount of energy it would take to create a ceramic tile. Plus, it is fairly easy to find glass tiles that have been made from reclaimed glass. Making it a more environmentally friendly option than some of the other options.
4. Luminosity: Unless you are creating a room using very dark glass tiles, you will notice that they reflect light instead of absorbing it. This will make your entire bathroom more luminous, and it is a particular effect that can’t be replicated with other flooring types.
5. Durable: Glass tiles that have been approved as flooring are durable, and they will not crack unless a direct force is applied like a blow with a hammer. Your normal everyday usage of your bathroom won’t cause your glass tile flooring to crack under your feet.

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