5 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are Perfect for Commercial Spaces

5 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are Perfect for Commercial Spaces

While hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile flooring options available, it’s not the most common choice for commercial spaces. Tile and concrete tend to be more requested, thought we’ve seen a growing trend of businesses choosing natural flooring options. The fact is that hardwood has some major benefits for commercial properties that can increase the value of the property for resell later. Here are five reasons why we think hardwood should be a top contender for a commercial space:

Hardwood’s Upscale Appearance

A key consideration for any commercial space is the way the space looks to potential clients and investors. Hardwood has an elegant, upscale appeal that makes rooms look spacious, sophisticated, and timeless. They are also very versatile. The right color or type of wood can also be funky and unique in the right setting. No matter how you dress it up, though, hardwood always looks warm and inviting.

Hardwood is Easy to Clean

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean, even in high traffic areas. They don’t tend to accumulate a lot of debris, especially if the finish is smooth and non-porous. Daily dusting may be necessary in certain areas, but for most commercial spaces, a weekly dust, mop, and dry is all that it takes to keep these floors looking beautiful.

Hardwood is Easier on Employees

Did you know that hardwood floor actually provides a very forgiving surface for standing? This natural material is much easier on the feet and joints than concrete, for example. Some hardwood floors can be harder than others, so take this into consideration when choosing the type of wood you prefer.

Hardwood as a Long-Term Investment

While the initial costs of hardwood can be higher than other options, hardwood floor has shown itself to be one of the longest-lasting flooring options that we have available. It is a great resell point, typically bringing in a higher price point on resell than your initial investment. It is a strong and durable material that is able to stand up to heavy use, even in commercial spaces with heavy equipment and lots of traffic.

Hardwood Improves Air Quality

Finally, hardwood floors help improve the air quality of a space, which can be even more important for a commercial space. Hardwood floors don’t hold on to dust, pollen, or other allergens that can cling to things like carpet. This means that you, your employees, and your clients will be healthier. It can also help offset poor air quality that is caused by equipment in a commercial space.

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Hardwood floors can be a great option for commercial spaces, but the key lies in choosing the right type and style of hardwood. At Ottawa Diamond Flooring, we can help you find the right option for any space depending on your needs and style, as well as help you find the right compromise for your budget. Learn more about commercial hardwood options by contacting us today.