5 Need to Know Trends in Laminate Flooring for 2020

5 Need to Know Trends in Laminate Flooring for 2020

Laminate flooring has really taken a position as a quality flooring option and is no longer a bargain option for those who don’t have room in the budget for traditional hardwood floors. As one expert said, “until recently, laminate has been kind of a one trick pony, copying simplistic wood looks and offering homeowners a low-maintenance wood flooring alternative.”

However, over the last few years, manufacturers have been remarkably responsive to the needs of designers and homeowners who want something a bit “more.” That is why we suggest you consider these 5 need-to-know trends impacting laminate flooring for the coming year.

Waterproof Laminate

Hardwood floors can be many different things, but one thing they most certainly cannot be is entirely waterproof. That is why waterproof laminate flooring is among the hottest of all flooring trends in 2020.

In fact, those who have any familiarity with laminate flooring know that it once had a reputation for abject failure in areas of water and moisture. As that same expert said, “If you spill water and don’t clean it up right away, your laminate can warp and bubble. Although many homeowners have gone the laminate kitchen flooring route, it’s really less than ideal… Until now, that is!

Enter: waterproof laminate flooring!”

This means you’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for it if you are thinking of a trendy laminate installation in any room of the house.

Rustic Laminate

If you have steered away from laminate because it is too glossy, smooth or unnatural, you’ll be delighted to find that one of the top laminate trends is for options with unfinished, burnished, or knotty and aged wood looks. See grain and color variations like the “real thing.”

Rich Laminate

Are you a big fan of deeply and richly stained wood floors that create a lot of drama and texture? There are now colors never before seen in laminate, and they include the kind of variation and depth that only natural wood can create. They can look aged or distressed, but also provide a vintage and extremely rich finish.

Handmade Planks

Those with an older home or a decorating scheme meant to create the same feel as an older home will love the more rustic designs available. Not only are boards made with slight variations that emulate hand forming, but they have different textures, lots of grains, and the look of a truly antique wooden floor.

Stone Floors

If you want stone flooring, but you don’t want the risks that they bring (easily broken glasses and plates), lots of dust and debris, and uneven textures, then laminate flooring made to emulate stone flooring may be for you. Made to look exactly like natural stone or tile, they trick the eye, but not the budget.

If any of these trends sound appealing to you and you want to see them in real-world settings, head to Ottawa Diamond Flooring to see an array of flooring styles, including the latest in laminates.