5 Easy Floor Care Tips for Summer

Changes in the weather this summer, while only a good thing for any sun-loving human, can mean extra floor maintenance is needed in order to keep it in the best condition throughout the year.

Increases in humidity and temperature, as well as increased use of outside spaces, means that our flooring will undoubtedly need more attention. Here at Ottawa Diamond Flooring we’ve outlined how you can take some easy steps to proper floor maintenance, keeping it in top condition…

1. Keep your floors out of direct sunlight

This is extra important if you are the proud owner of hardwood flooring, but as a general rule, keeping your flooring out of direct sunlight during the summer, whether it’s linoleum, laminated, wooden or tiled, will help protect it from fading and discoloration. Closing your curtains or blinds whenever you go out is a good way to save your flooring from unnecessary sun damage.

2. Use door mats!

Save your flooring from getting ingrained with grime during the summer months by making sure you place doormats at your entrances! Not only can muddy shoes traipse in dirt, they can also bring in grit and small stones which may end up scratching or damaging your flooring. If you do get a door mat, make sure you use an anti-slip mat underneath to prevent any accidents! As you’re more likely to be coming in and out of your garden in bare feet or muddy shoes during the summer months, investing in a door mat is vital to saving your flooring!

3. Use the right vacuum setting or attachment

Often overlooked but one of the simplest of our flooring tips is to ensure you’re using the right vacuum setting. On some vacuum cleaners you can opt for either hard floor or carpet and with others you can switch the attachment from a hard beater bar (for carpets only) to a softer brush (for hard floors). Using the wrong function can lead to scratches so always remember to change back to hard floor mode once you’ve done your carpeting!

4. Keep the humidity down

During the summer your home can get humid, which may have an adverse effect on your flooring, particularly homes with hardwood flooring. Manufacturers recommend maintaining a humidity level of between 35-55% – as too little or too much humidity can cause warping and bubbling. To stop this from happening, consider investing in a dehumidifier for the summer months, to keep your home as a consistent and comfortable level of humidity.

5. Get the right cleaning products

While matching your cleaning products to your flooring is one of the flooring tips you can follow all year round, it’s surprising how often people fail to buy the right products, risking damage to their flooring. This tip is directed more pointedly at hardwood flooring owners, who should know that their floors are more susceptible to being stained by use of the wrong products.

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